Monday, June 30, 2008

Meeting Sweet Valerie!!!!

On Saturday I got over to Alameda early to drop off a Christmas present for framing at Urban Forest - (I know the holiday is far off - but I like to get things done and out of the way early) It should be ready in a couple of weeks. I then headed over to NIAH with a list in hand - I arrived and grabbed a basket and was loading it up and in walked Valerie. She is just as nice as her blog led me to believe. The last time I was in the "Stack" I had missed her by just three hours. We just shopped and talked and shopped and talked all afternoon. I picked up lots of floss for different projects and quite a few pieces of linen for future exchanges. I also got my copy of the Preview Ornament Issue form JCS. Not only does it have the ornaments but it also has a memorial sampler chart I had read about. It was such a fun day I really enjoyed meeting Valerie and we live so close here in the Bay area it was about time - I am really glad she suggested meeting up!!!!

We also had Rico's Mom and nieces up for the weekend - they brought along the three chihuahua puppies the mama Sugar had. Here are a couple of snaps of a feeding frenzy -

This one has JU-JU Bee in the background. He is an older brother from and earlier litter.

Sugar really had no escape from these hungry little mouths and she is really very patient with them. This will be Sugars last litter as she will be getting fixed after she "gets back to normal."

The only stitching I got done was exchange stitching so no snaps there. There was a couple of movies - "Letter of Introduction" - 1938 - The movie was really very good - but, there were the very long parts with Edgar Bergen performing with McCarthy and Snerd that were odd inclusions - but fine performances by Adolphe Menjou and Andrea Leeds... there was even a small but good part for Eve Arden. The second flick was "Keys to the Kingdom" - 1944 with fine performances by Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchel, Vincent Price, Rose Stradner and Benson Fong. This is a move worth seeing.

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  1. OMgosh those pups are just adorable! Mama definitely looks patient and use to the little ones hanging all over her. how fun to play with the little guys.

  2. It really is a treat when you get to meet up with fellow stitchers. There is a group that is meeting up at NIAH on the 26th I am pretty sure.All northern Cal stitchers I think about 10 or so maybe more

    I unfortunatlly I will not be able to attend :( I will be moving form the Bay Area on the 19th. In my 5 years of living here I NEVER made it to NIAH..

    Those pups are so cute.
    Happy stitching

  3. Edgar, I had so much fun meeting you on Saturday! Don't be a stranger.

    I'm curious about this meetup that Natasha mentioned in the comment above. Hmmmm...

  4. Oh my soul! The mama doggie and her pups! I love the pictures Edgar!!! Also, how fun that you got to meet a fellow blogger/stitcher, and I could not think of a better place that at your LNS! Wish I lived closer ;)

  5. What cute puppies! I cannot show these pictures to my 5-yo...she *LOVES* Chi's and desperately wants one.

    Eve Arden...I just love her! I need to catch more of her movies.

  6. What great fun you and Valerie must have had - chatting and stashing!

    Cute little puppies!

  7. If I were to get another dog, it would be a Chi! They are so cute and tiny! Just what I like. I bet it was neat to meet Valerie! Glad you had fun!

  8. What adorable puppies!

    I found your blog through Yuko's blog, and I must say you do beautiful stitching!

    Enjoy your day,

  9. I am jealous! You and Valerie are both stitchers I would love to meet in person!