Thursday, June 5, 2008

RAK'd again and exchange stitching

Yesterday the mails brought another super RAK from Carol. Knowing that I really like those Quakers she sent me Willies Quaker Square 3 - from my wish list. Isn't that just the nicest thing. I'll say it again - the stitching community is so nice!!!!!! Twice this week - RAK'd by such wonderful people!!!!!! THANK YOU so much!!!!!! here is a snap of the chart -

The mails also brought a really nice addition to my transfer ware collection. A bowl in the Florentine pattern by TJ Meyer - here is a snap of that -

The only stitching was exchange stitching so there are no snaps of that yet..... still waiting on a couple of charts for the Halloween RR to come in so I have not finalized that ...yet.

Not too much else going on - Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


  1. Carol is a sweetie. just like you ;)
    AND there ya go again tempting me with transferware.....

  2. How sweet of Carol!
    Your bowl is lovely too

  3. What a nice chart addition. Carol is the sweetest.

  4. You are MORE than welcome Edgar - you do so much for our community in ways you may not even realize... felt it was time you got a treat! {{HUGS}}}