Thursday, June 19, 2008

Border finish, SBQ and that Gorgeous Sophia

I finished the Halloween Border last night - you wouldn't think it was such an accomplishment - but for some reason it took ALL evening to get done. I think is was the movies that were on the boob tube....more on that in a second - here is a snap of the piece as it stands now -

In all the nice comments from yesterday (thank you very much everyone!!) I was asked about the linen - it is from Birds of a Feather - Meadowlark, 32 count. I got it over at Needle in a Haystack with sweet Mary's help. She and I hauled out a few dozen choices starting with the least expensive and working or way to the very expensive - I explained what I wanted and so I ended up with this beautiful piece. What I like about NIAH is that everything is in large pieces - I chose this section and had it cut from the yardage
- I really liked the mottled effect of the dye on this section.

The SBQ for this week is about Needle Publications -

"Do you currently subscribe to any stitching publications or have you in the past? (Either in print form or online) If so, which ones?

The only stitching publication I have ever subscribed to is the online "The Gift of Stitching." I usually only buy a magazine if there is a project I like and feel that I will do. Usually the magazine projects do not appeal that much to me. It was for a specific project that I started to get TGoS the project is a year long publication of a world stitching sampler that I really liked.

The movies last night were from a the TCM Star of the month - Sophia Loren - just a spectacular actress who is not only stunning to look at but brings such a wonderful quality to all the rolls she plays. The two movies I saw last night were - "Black Orchid"- 1958 and "A Breath of Scandal"- 1960 - Both very good movies and worth seeing.

And so it goes my friends - Thank you all so much for stopping by!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Border looks great! I'll be stitching today on my rr! Haven't been able to get back in touch with Lizzy yet!

  2. It looks great. I really like the molted look of that fabric,very spoky :0)

  3. My heavens! In one evening you got half the border done? Sheesh. I am so slow that border would take me a concerted effort for at least a full week. I bow in amazement!

  4. Good morning Speedy Edgar. Wish there was a video of your hands stitching - probably at the speed of light.
    I too am planning to stitch the World Sampler from Gift of Stitching. It is already kitted up but must rise to the top of the to do list and there are other urgencies yet awhile. Look forward to tomorrows blog.

  5. Great start! I look forward to stitching on your RR... in about a year ;-) To get you ready for receiving mine, it will be a Halloween/autumn neighborhood - easy peasy!

  6. I love your fabric Edgar~~it is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so envious because my LNS has a very limited fabric supply :(

  7. Wow Edgar - that is one beautiful piece of fabric!

  8. Gorgeous fabric, congrats on finishing the border!

  9. I sure love the look of that Material too Edgar...I think it's pretty cool looking myself...

    The only cross stitching magazine that I subscribe to as of now is The Cross Stitcher Magazine but that magazine is not like it use to be though and I'm very disappointed in the new look of that one. This is the last year that I'm going to be getting that one.

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  10. I can't wait to see these Halloween RRs progress. Love the pumpkin!