Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Exchange issues - RAK - a snap of us........

Yesterday the mailman was very good to me - I got the rest of the Belle Soie Silk I had ordered and now have a huge pile of the stuff!!! I had to get it before the price went up!! :)

I also received the most lovely exchange from Simone - here is a snap -

When I opened up the soft package I found that the sweet box she had made and filled with the goodies had been basically crushed by a truck or something. Which was very sad for me as it was a really great blue. So I thought about it and just couldn't bring myself to throw away the lovely piece of stitching- so - I took the padded bottom inside and the top apart and then took the piece of fabric and the piece of stitching and made this -

and here is a shot of the back -

Everything else made it just fine - when life gives you lemons....... I hope that Simone approves...

I was RAK'd by Monica who sent me the sweetest giftie!! here is a snap -

A beautiful scissor fob( I have attached them to one of the pair of scissors I got from Carol & Mike), stitch counter and needle finder. Wasn't that the nicest thing to do !!!!!!! Thank you so much Monica!!!! It really was sweet!

I also have pasted a snap of me and Rico in the profile area so that now you can see what kind of crazy is behind that which is the Blacksheep!!! It is one of the few snaps of the both of us that I like and approve. It is not reproduced very well as it is a snap of a photo -

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Oh boy! What a terrible thing happened with the box!!! It looks like it was stuck between the plains doors or something... Beside that, it did travel fast!
    I think you did an amazing job, by turning the stitched part into a "pyn keepe"!
    I really had to laugh when I received your ABC-exchange, because it was on the same day that I posted this exchange to you!

  2. :) the fob looks pretty on your scissors! Glad it got there safe and sound. Too bad your other arrival was damaged, but I'm so glad you make it pretty :)

  3. You did a great job rescuing this lovely little stitching. And what a great RAK to receive!

  4. Such a shame that the box was wrecked but you made good - the pyn keepe is lovely!

    Great photo of you and Rico - I will know who you are when you eventually arrive in Canterbury or Deal.

  5. Great save on the stitching of that crushed box.

    Well FINALLY I get to see that cutie Rico you keep raving about and you as well!!!

  6. What a shame that the little box got pulverized! :-( But I think you managed to make a great salvage of it. Like you said...lemons to lemonade!

  7. your exchange peices are lovely, well done on rescuing the stitching it looks beautiful

  8. That's some tastely lemonade you made there, I'm sure that Simone approves wholeheartedly.

    Mounds of Belle Soie...man after my own heart! :)

    And I must say your photo is great of you both...and Edgar...you look just like the boy next door! ;)

  9. Oh you salvaged the stitching nicely! It looks very pretty as a pyn keepe.

    Love the fob from Monica...aren't RAK's fun?

    You and Rico are darling!

  10. I think you did a great job in saving the gorgeous stitching Simone did!


  11. great picture! As soon as I get that book, I'll let you know. I really don't know the name. There were some examples on the wall, so I said, I want that pattern, and it's a booklet of some sort. I ordered my linen for Halloween rr. My needlework system came! Yahoo!

  12. Oh no, what a shame. But you did a great job rescuing the stitched piece.

  13. Love all your pics today, Edgar!

  14. Good save on that box. I remember a cartoon of the postoffice worker. The more "FRAGILE" stamps that were on the box the harder he kicked it and stomped on it.
    The photo of you and Rico is so cute. I absolutely can't get a good photo of me. I cringe to even look at photos of myself. I usually resort to posting my high school graduation photo.

  15. Well done, Edgar!! I feel badly that the box was damaged, but you've redeemed the stitched part beautifully. Now it's a collaboration of both you and Simone. :D