Monday, June 9, 2008

Exchange received, a Birthday and the Great Blogiversary!!

Friday brought a fabulous exchange!!! Jill over at Purple Peacock was my partner and sent a two part exchange. It was the SBEBB - ABC Exchange - which had to contain the alphabet. Let me start off by explaining that I have a majority of my mail sent to work as I do not have much faith in the mail area where I live as quite a lot of mail has gone missing in the past - Here at work we is we usually have two mail deliveries. Boxes and anything big comes in the morning and letters and flat things coming the afternoon. I got a big box of goodies in the morning - here is a snap -

Jill had certainly read my blog as she sent a box of loose tea, Crows (licorice gumdrops) beautiful splotchy fabric a skein of dark floss, a beautiful marking pin, really lovely scissors and a great piece of finishing fabric. I then thought what if the second half doesn't get here...and why didn't Jill just put it in the box?? Well the afternoon mail answered both questions as Jill had stitched a gorgeous envelope. I have seen these on other blogs and have really admired them.
Here is a snap of the front -

and here is a snap of the beautiful back -

I just love this piece!!!!! The inside is lined in a fabric with different alphabets - I couldn't get a good snap. This envelope is finished so perfectly. Thanks you so much!!!!!!!!

My Birthday partner for the SBBC was Lynn over at Crossed Stitcher. Her birthday was Last Friday, June 6th....I do know she got the package and I would think she has opened it by now so I will reveal what I sent today - Here is snap of the BD Package -

I sent a few of the charts from her wish list - with the button packs - a copy of a CS magazine.
I stitched a PynKeepe and matching fob. Here is a snap of those -

and here is the back of the fob with the date and Lynn's initials -

I hope you liked everything I sent Lynn - it was lots of fun putting it all together!!

I did want to thank everyone for commenting for the GBG - it really makes so me feel so good that so many of you would like to enter - it is a giant warm fuzzy on a Monday morning!!!!!!! Thank you all!!!!!! The mysterious bowl of destiny is all warmed up and will reveal the winner this evening and I will post the lucky winner tomorrow morning.......

Thank you all for stopping by, I do appreciate every comment and all the warm wishes!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar,
    I am so relieved that you got both deliveries, especially the mailart. I think I forgot to mention in the box that your stitched piece was sent separate. I didn't realize that this was a business address.

    Oh well, you got it and you like it and I am glad.

    Happy Stitching! :)

  2. Gorgeous exchanges!!! I've always wondered how mail art fares...and been to nervous to actually try it (or call it lack of confidence in the mail system!) But Jill did a stupendous job, and how did she manage to bribe the PO to deliver them both the same day, lol!!!

  3. Oh my - what lovely exchanges both received and sent.

    Are the stamps stuck on the Mail art? Did the Post Office stamped it with ink?

    Love the Quaker Pynkeepe and Fob.

    I'm in the Bowl of Destiny, I am feeling warm - please pick me Rico :-)

  4. No fair Carol! Pick me Rico!!!!
    I loved that linen letter. I can't believe it went through the mail system! You spoiled your birthday partner! Great pynkeep!

  5. What nice exchanges. The letter was amazing, even more so for surviving USPS

  6. Fantastic Exchanges and I love the Pynkeeps!

  7. Great exchanges Edgar - both sent and received!

  8. OH WOW! Jill's mailart is totally beautiful and the box o' goodies can't be beat either!

    Your exchange for Lynn is stunning I really LOVE that pynkeep and the fob too! Good going!!!

  9. Guao ese regalo esta muy hermoso, felicidades