Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Huge gratitude!!!!!!! & Wendy's Quaker takes wing

I am just overwhelmed by ALL the super nice comments!!!!! Thank you so much!!! You know when I look at this piece that took a little time to stitch I think back to some of the places that it got worked on. It was stitched mostly at my home here in SF but I also stitched some on it at my sisters in Washington and also some on the floor in airports and even over at friends house. So I look at this sampler and think back and remember as I hope others who look at it may think and remember - isn't that why we stitch some of these things - for the future.
That was a way deep thought for a Tuesday......

I finished up on Wendy's Quaker RR and now I will get it out in the mails this morning.... a bit early but better early that late!! Here is a snap of the piece as it stands now -

I really think my photos taken at 11:30 at night do no justice to these pieces. The linen is a really pretty antique white, but you would never know that by this snap! Now it is on to Donna's.

Last night the movie was "A Summer Place" - 1959 a very soap opera movie with some gorgeous music. Starring Richard Egan, Dorothy McGuire, Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue.

Thank you all again for the nice comments they mean a lot to me!!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar,
    The color you used is great. Purple is a beautiful color :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Donna's RR looks absolutely wonderful Edgar - she will be so pleased!

  3. Hi Edgar, lovely work on Wendy's Quaker! And your framed Beatrix Potter really is stunning, congrats! The frame suits the sampler so nicely.

  4. Hi Edgar~ My RR piece is looking fantastic! Thank you so much for stitching on it for me. I also had a peek at your last few blog entries and I have fallen in love with the Beatrix Potter sampler! Its stunning and the frame you chose looks perfect on it. Great work!! Now I know I have that chart here somewhere...:-D

  5. The RR's are looking great! Can't wait to see mine in progress! I'm working on my Halloween RR today! Hope to have a picture later tonight!
    See ya!

  6. Wow the RR is looking great. I love the color! Great job to all!

  7. It brings back so many memories watching this Friendship RR stitch up - we stitched this as a group of international friends last year and it remains one of my favourite pieces :) The colours Wendy has chosen look really pretty together so far :)

  8. Edgar, your contribution to the Wendy's Quaker looks great! And I love the Beatrix Potter - that frame is per-fect!!

  9. Congrats to Rico and congrats to you on the beautiful framing of that gorgeous Beatrix Potter! One of the favorite things about stitching for me is the memories--the SB piece I stitched in the middle of the night while at the hospital with my son who was getting stitches (and then promptly left behind in the ER and had to go back), the great conversations I had over lunch at work when stitching BC Summer Row, etc. With each stitch I'm capturing a tiny piece of myself and making memories that I hope to pass on to my kids even if they don't want the stitching!

  10. very pretty color - love it, love it, love it!