Monday, June 2, 2008

Exchanges received, Christmas Finish..and some Spooky Linen

I heard from Wanda that her MAW exchange has arrived so I can now post a snap of the needle roll I made her. It was actually the second one that I made that I sent as the first was such a disaster that I could not send it. It was has been put out of my misery and so we moved forward...... here is a snap

It was a design that I had found on line and now do not remember where or what it is called, but I used some over dyed floss and silk ribbon. Wanda was very complimentary so that made me feel really good after the experience of the first failure!!! I had never made one before nor had I ever hemstitched a thing!! I think there are more of these in my future! :)

I also heard that Simone received the SBEBB - ABC Exchange I sent to her. It arrived there so fast I am just speechless!!! With the mails being so very slow lately I wasn't expecting it to get to her until next week - but it arrived super fast!!!! Here is snap of the exchange -

and here is closeup of the Pyn Keepe -

It was a freebie that I had always wanted to stitch and this was the perfect occasion.

I focused all my weekend stitching efforts on a two finishes. One an exchange, so no snaps...
the other a Christmas present that now needs to get to the framers.
It is the "This and That" sampler for my mom - here is a snap -

The only thing I think I might need to do is fill in the diamonds in the upper box like they are filled in the sampler body - what do you all think?? I got all busy on this after visiting the framers with a finished piece I really wanted to get framed for myself. It will be ready in a couple of weeks - I will post a snap of that when I get it back.

While we were in Alameda I of course had to visit NIAH - just checking out the linen as I wanted to get something for the upcoming Halloween RR. I had some Silkweaver "Days Gone By" that I could have used but needed to see what else was out there before I made a final decision - Going through the linens Mary pulled out some BOF stuff that I instantly fell in love with - 32ct Meadowlark - here is a snap of the linen and some extra floss' in dark colours I might need -

I have two ideas that I am mulling over and will decide about which way to go in a day or so
- but isn't this just gorgeous!!! I think it will be perfect for this RR.

That's about it for today - Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


  1. That's a great needleroll Edgar - lovely hemstitching and finish.

    I am sure that Simone loved her Pyn Keepe - it's so pretty.

    The 32ct Meadlowlark is a great colour for Halloween - look forward to seeing a WIP

  2. Have never made a needleroll before. I might have to try this once I get through the pile of half-finished items sitting on the sewing machine waiting for me to pay some attention to them. Instead I pay attention to the cats and dog outside in the nice weather. It may be time to take the old yard-sale-find sewing machine out to the pichnic table. Now if I could just find an extension cord long enough........

  3. Love that linen! Looks delicious! Wish me luck, I'm gonna try and call Lizzy this evening.

  4. Oh Edgar, thanks for the feast! Your needleroll is perfect. Lovely design!,
    I think I prefer the diamonds in the sampler as they are... Congratulations on that finish.
    Love the fabby and the floss toss. That is going to be one spooky Halloween RR :o)

  5. Great finishes. Love the pinkeep. I have that chart and made a pinkeep too. It's nice to see it done in different colours.

  6. Well Edgar, I've been seeing your handeworke all over blogland of late ;) and I must say that needleroll is gorgeous! And that pynkeepe is it praisworthy stitches? Just love it!
    And I am drooling over your Medowlark fabric....I dyed my own piece last'll have to check out my blog later today...I thought of you immediately when I saw how it turned out!

  7. Oops...forgot to say that on your Mom's sampler I'd leave the diamonds like you have's gorgeous...she'll love it!

  8. OH WOW, that linen for your Halloween project is just GORGEOUS! So much depth and dimension to it! Can't wait to see snaps of it in progress!

    And, I've never done a needle roll before, yours looks very pretty, makes me want to try one... but what happened to the first? Are they hard?

  9. Nice exchange you sent to Simone. I love "This and That", you have sped right through stitching that one up. That linen, oh my, is just gorgeous, I've never stitched on their linen before, I might have to give it a try ;)