Friday, May 30, 2008

Feathered Friends, RR's and a Quaker bit and some chit chat...

Well, so much to yap about where to begin.... let's start with the super-d-duper mail I got yesterday. I received from Carla a great package for the Feathered Friends Exchange.
Here is a snap of the whole package -

Carla included along with the Pyn Keepe some lovely finishing fabric, ribbon and trim. She also put in two really lovely skeins of overdyed floss from ThreadWorkxxx - a company that I have never tried but have seen and wanted to....
there was also a sleeve of dark chocolate buttons - just yummy!!!!!
Here is a snap of the Pyn Keepe -

It fits in so well with my growing collection of Pyn Keepes - just a really lovely addition!!!!!!

I finished the borders on the HFFRR last night so will get that in the mail on Tuesday to Anna for her kind contribution. Here is a really wonky snap before mailing....
( I will still need to remove the LM initials and stitch in Anna's)

I have also joined up in Donna's new RR called Witching for Stitching a Halloween RR that I am really excited about....... I feel a trip to NIAH tomorrow is in order.... :) I did want to express my thanks to everyone that offered to stitch on the missing square -
the stitching community is so nice and generous!!!!!!!!!!

When I started the HFFRR I originally had some ideas how I was going to finish this off - but now I am wondering if that is what I want to do - How have others finished them off, I wonder - any ideas out there you would like to share....? I am open to just about anything.......

I also worked a bit on BPC and here that progress snap -

For some reason I really like stitching this particular medallion - I have no reason to like it more than others but I do - go figure. I think it is because it looks a little like ribbon old fashioned ribbon candy and that brings to mind a load of fond memories........

Danielle - I really don't mind sharing how much I paid - it was $105.00 plus $4.00 shipping from that isle of loveliness, England (when I placed the order for some reason I thought it was coming from Kentucky - but it arrived via the Royal Mail)

Jennifer - I just had to bite the bullet and get The Book - we just aren't gonna eat for three days and save on washing clothes by wearing our underwear and socks twice - because if you turn them inside out you get two days out of them instead of one... :)

I know that Lynn received her SBBC Birthday Package I sent and is waiting until the 6th to open it on her Birthday - so no snaps of that here - yet - I don't want to spoil the surprise. :)

There you go another week - only 209 Days until Christmas - I need to get busy!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Take care,


  1. A lovely Pyn Keepe from Carla and such goodies too! I love dark chocolate too but don't worry Edgar I won't expect to share!!

    BPC is looking good - I do so love these Quaker patterns.

    209 days to Christmas? - oh no - what a scary thought!

  2. Hi Edgar!
    I'm so glad you like the pinkeep and goodies I sent you :)
    Take care!!!

  3. Wow, lots of cool stuff. The pynkeepe is lovely and I absolutely love how your BPC is coming along! Have a nice weekend.

  4. What beauties you have posted today :) Everything looks great :)
    Have a nice weekend, Edgar :)

  5. What a nice exchange from Carla!! She is so awesome :-)

  6. Totally gorgeous pynkeep Edgar...Carla is a super de duper stitcher ;)

    AND I love your's a biggie what was your initial idea for finishing? Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with framing. You did a spectacular job laying it out and the stitching framework you did is gorgeous!

  7. I absolutely love that pinkeep from Carla! Love the thread she used and what fab goodies too. BTW that cake on your previous post looks so yummy!!!! It's my birthday next week so hoping to go off the diet for a day and have some cake yumm!! xx

  8. Thanks for your lovely comment and birthday wishes, Edgar!! You may want to check out the following!!
    Happy Stitching... but by the looks of all your wonderful projects, you're doing that already... ;o)

  9. Nice exchange you received and your BPC looks great. That's a lovely RR you have, I'm glad someone will fill in for the missing stitcher ;)