Friday, May 16, 2008

It's getting cooler..... and a broken bus

The temps dipped down into the 70's last night and today they will be in the 80's. After yesterday in the 90's it will be nice. On the way home yesterday the MUNI bus broke down due to the heat (that was the story the driver was handing out) So before it broke down...imagine if you will the bus trying desperately to chug its way up a steep hill, literally moving slower than I can walk. Once at the top she stops the bus and says "We're gonna coast down the other side of the hill" - my heart filled with - joy - elation - TERROR!!!!! These rickety monsters don't stop very well - so wooosh down the hill we went stopping three times to let people out. Then at the bottom of the hill - announcement - "Last Stop, everyone - off." Now I only had about9 or so blocks to go - but they are all basically going up a hill until the last 3 and those are going up a steep hill and it makes you feel like a mountain goat. Remeber it is 95/98 degrees with the sun a-blazing so it is not pleasant. When I finally got home - off came the sweaty clothes and I plopped in my chair in just my underwear!!! If I had gotten a big old frosty screwdriver I could have been my dad back when I was growing up!!!!!
I always say - whether you like it or not we all turn into our parents!!!!

My stitching last night was once again for an exchange -
I really like it and may stitch something else for the exchange. :)

Here is the last installment of snaps from the gardens -

and the last snap will be of some Poppies - California's state flower -

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Coasting down a steep hill in a non-functioning bus?? I would have been terrified too!

    It seems odd to be reading about it being so hot where you are, when we've been having a spell of much cooler weather. We actually turned our furnace back on one night this week! I could probably run it right now, but it's supposed to get warmer today, so I'll just be chilly for a bit.

  2. Sounds like a grand time.... LOL I have been on those buses so I undersatnd your terror of it not being able to stop.

    I really want to complain about it being SO hot and having to work outside wearing ALL BLACK, I am a server/Bartender.But I will NOT complain because I am just thankful that the cold weather is hopefully behind us :0)

    As always the flower shots are great! Look forward to seeing what you have been up to on your exchanges.


  3. The photos of the gardens are lovely. Yikes, what a tale about the bus. I remember well being stranded on a broken subway, but in that case we were TRAPPED because the doors ran on the same electric current that was malfunctioning at the time. Kind of least you could get off the bus. I actually prefer hot weather to cold weather, but 90+ is a bit much.

  4. Hope no bus troubles today ;) Have a great weekend Edgar!

  5. LOL at the bus story. A few summers back trains in my region kept getting delayed because they said it was too hot for the train tracks! Yeah right.

    Love your photos from the gardens. We're still getting fairly good weather here (it's Winter next month) but I'm still really longing for summer right now.

  6. Oh, scary ride and poo on walking in the heat & humidity.

    The pictures are so lovely!

  7. I guess you don't like roller coaster either? Me neither!
    Lovely photos Edgar

  8. Sorry you had to walk in the heat! I would have been worn out myself! I understand about turning into our parents! hahaha
    Have a great week Edgar! I've only 3 more days left of school! Yeah!

  9. Oh Edgar, poor you. Terror + heat = exhaustion for anyone. Wish I could send you some of the coolAutumn air from here :)
    Margaret S