Monday, May 5, 2008

Kind of a busy weekend.....

I was off all weekend and so Saturday I made a run to Japan-Town. Which is pretty easy to get to - take a 24 Divisadaro to Geary then a 38 Geary and there you are!! I really love this area and all the shops in the two big malls are just fascinating!!! The reason for the trip was to acquire some things for an exchange partner I have from Swap-Bot.
I found this site last year and do occasionally join a swap if it interests me.
Well, here is a snap of the tower that stands in the middle of the large area between the malls -

and here is a snap of the inside which I think is really pretty for a mall -

My partner for the swap is from the mid west and really likes Asian things especially Japanese things so what better place to get her some things than here.
After a visit to the mall and the Ninja Grocery store (an experience in itself!!)
I got home and sat around watching movies. Nothing spectacular -
"Dreamgirls" - 2006 and then "Moulin Rouge" - 1952.
Both very good musicals and ones I have seen many times.

The other movies from the weekend were - "I'll be Seeing You" - 1944 a different kind of WWII movie with Ginger Rogers, Joseph Cotton, Shirley Temple, Spring Byington. The tag line for the flick is - "Both living a secret...each afraid to tell!" - worth a look, very short at 85 mins. This was followed "And Then There were None" - 1945 - a good adaptation of an Agatha Christie story. The film quality was pretty poor but the acting and camera work was excellent!! The third film of the Netflix trio was "Three Men in a Boat" - 1956 - which sounds like another WWII flick but really is just a light comedy about a boating holiday on the Thames around 1900. The reason for getting this film is that Martita Hunt is in it and I really like her...and she did not disappoint!!!

The stitching for the weekend was working on two Quaker pieces - first up is the QFRR-2008 - I decided on the upper section and here is a snap of the finished piece waiting for mailing -

This is Carol's piece and she is using a HDF - OMG Red. Such a lovely shade!!! This was a lot of fun to work on and now I need to get on to Wendy's piece...... what section to do?????

I also worked on my BPC and here is an progress snap -

Sorry about the wonky snap -
I really enjoy working these Quaker things - go figure......
I have others kitted up and wonder which to start next - ????

We also made a trip to the green grocers and
got some great strawberries and here is whats left -

Is there anything better than fresh berries in springtime!!!!!

There ya go - my busy little weekend - Hope everyone had a great one -
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Everything looks wonderful Edgar. What a fun place to hang out and shop!

  2. I absolutely love the stationary shop in Japantown. I can't ever remember the name of it though. Reminds me I haven't been in the mall in ages! I did check out the new Kabuki a while back though.

    Lovely progress on BPC and on Carol's QFRR!

  3. Great pics Edgar! BPC is looking good and just look what you did to my QFRR - it looks wonderful - thank you!

  4. brill picts and those strawberries ohhhhh yum yum