Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wet and Happy!!!!!!! and some things I like.......

The hot water came back on so the first thing I did was take a good long shower when I got home yesterday!! I

I picked up some blackberries yesterday-

Just because they looked really nice. I sure do enjoy these with some vanilla ice cream - yummy!!! I was thinking about berries in general and how much I really like them - it is almost like a bite of warm weather - whether they are black, blue, straw, boysen, lingon or rasp - the different berries that are available are just delicious!!

Then I got to thinking about different things I like that sort of pop in your mouth
like - a Sushi topping - Tobiko -

a delicious fresh tasting caviar that is just delicious!!!!
Then there are ZotZ Candy -

These are really sour hard candies that have a REALLY sour fizzy middle!! :)
The train of thought then pulled into wacko station and I remembered how much I really like Pop Rocks (Space Dust in the UK) - They stopped making them right after I graduated from Mainland Senior High in Daytona Beach,(Go Buccaneers!!!) They are being made today and you now can get them all over the place!!! It's a party in your mouth!!! :)

I did quite a bit of stitching last night -
but there a no snaps as it was all for upcoming commitments -

I'll leave off today with a snap of some really lovely tulips we got last week -
that still look pretty good -

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Oh yes those candies are the best so much fun! I love Tobiko my DH thinks I am alittle crazy for liking that so much but this is coming from a man who does NOT touch any seafood.
    Have you ever tried Blackberry dumplings? OMG it is a wonderful dish especially served with vanilla ice-cream .
    I usually make blueberry dumplings but blackberries taste just as good!
    Happy Stitching

  2. I'm with you on the berries especially the black ones ;) (and there is ANOTHER lovely just love to taunt me!LOL!)'m with you on the berries, not hangin' with 'ya on the sushi/caviar deal, but hey...a party in my mouth with pop rockets is REALLY cool and I LOVED them when I was in High School!...but Zotz, gives me the all over bodies shakes...yuck! But I'm back on board with the tulips ;)

  3. Hi Edgar,
    Berries look so fresh and delicious!
    Do you like TOBIKO?
    As my husband and son love SUSHI, we are going out for SUSHI dinner tonight, too...
    I love IKURA and Octopus and Tuna! :D
    When you have Sushi, do you add Wasabi??

  4. Wow...Pop Rocks sure bring on a flashback to high school in the 80's :)

    The berries sure do look awesome!