Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Super-dee-duper mail day!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a cornucopia of stitchy stuff for me!!!
Here is a snap of everything

Let's start off with he lovely linens - I was RAK'ed by Jennifer in Ohio - she was just the nicest and the linen is just gorgeous. She hand dyed most of it and I have to stitch something special - especially for Halloween - I also got a package from Vicki at HDF - the silk pile to the left - this is for a secret project for someone that reads this blog - so you won't see any of it made into anything until the gifty is given - AND I also got a package from Drema from Needlecraft Corner - it is the pile of Belle Soie on the right. I have just fallen in lust for this silk and now I need - want - crave - this silk. I just can't help it -
I'm just a silk-floss-floozy when it comes to Belle Soie!!!!

I sent out my SBBC package a little early as the mails are so wonky and I want this to arrive on or near her birthday - I have seen how long it has taken some packages to arrive and just a suggestion - mail early - it is taking a good 5 or 6 extra days to get anything anywhere.

No stitching snaps from last night - it has been exchange stitching for the longest -
but I am enjoying it!!!

TCM had a guest programmer last night and one of his picks was "Roman Holiday" - 1953 - directed by William Wyler. This is one great movie that I have seen so many times. If you have not seen it go rent it. Audrey Hepburn is great, Gregory Peck is great and Rome looks great!!! Just an all around stupendous movie!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


  1. Wow, what a treat! Congratulations!!

  2. Wow, that fabric is great. I especially like the purple color. I am a ourple freak. I wish I couls stitch everything on purple.LOL

    I am stitching with Belle Soie for the first time. I will let you know how I like it. Hopefully not to much I have enough addictions already :0)

  3. That is the mother load of stitcy goodness! :) HURRAY for you!!!!

  4. A great stash haul! I think we are all silk-floss-floozies at heart. I've not tried Belle Soie yet but give me time.

  5. i like the fabric and the threads cant wait to see what your gonna do with it..

  6. Wow! What a great mail - no wonder you sound excited.
    By the way Edgar what does RAK mean?
    Margaret S

  7. I love the green! It would be perfect for a Halloween witch! I've heard no news yet. Janice is sending you your rr without Lizzy stitching on it. I didn't want you to lose your linen.

  8. Great stuff, congrats!!! Some of those fabrics look perfect for Halloween-y projects!!!

  9. Glad you like the fabrics Edgar. In the immortal words of Frank Burns from M*A*S*H...."It's nice to be nice to the nice".

  10. I guess this was a great mail day. What a load of stash. I'm **drooling** ;)

  11. Hey Edgar - I can't wait to see what you do with that purple shade of linen. Cool color! Lots of nice threads there....

  12. Edgar,

    Long time lurker and reader... and I always love your pieces and your movie commentary!

    Hopefully you'll come back and read this comment a couple of days later, but I just wanted to give you a heads-up that the price of Belle Soie silks is going up from $5.60 to $6.60 effective June 1. Run... run and get more!!! :)