Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lust and Ye shall receive!!!!!!!

Yesterday the mail brought something that I have been after for quite a while now...... I just decided that if I was ever to have a copy - I was going to just the plunge..... and so a couple of weeks ago I ordered IT - "THE" book -

I have been watching eBay and Amazon to see when, if ever, a copy would appear. The only time I ever saw it was this one copy on Amazon. It just sat there taunting me - "Buy Me - you know you want to---do it!!!" Just about every day I would go to Amazon - and there it would be in all its Quaker deliciousness - like an addict - I had to have it...... "Buy ME..BUY ME!!!!!" - "You know you want to... you're gonna be Sorry!!!!!" I caved and acquired - my holy grail- Before we went out last bight I had to skim through and what a great book!!!! The dust cover is even a charted sampler!!! Isn't that a super bonus!!!! Now its mine - all mine - BWAAAA HWAAAA!!!! (evil Snidely Whiplash laugh)!!! With this book now out of print - and the likelihood of a reprint pretty scarce I am super glad to have gotten it when I did so that I only paid a high price and not an outrageous price. (such rationalization, I tell you!!)

We went over to Alameda for a super Birthday party for Sweet Mary (from NIAH). It turned into a Hobbit style party where the guest of honor gives out presents!!! I was the recipient of a great needlebook that she had hand stitched up. We also got the great bird pins, to wear instead of hats....(thank god as I do not have a hat head!!) AND she gave us all some Japanese Peeps - not at all like the fluffy sugary ones here but delightfully soft and vanilla cake like
- here is a snap -

Here is a snap of the 7 Chocolate birthday cake that Roberta made.

She told us the different chocolates use but I am totally not remembering so you will have to just trust me. We got home pretty late so there was no stitching - :( - but we had such a great time it was worth it!!!! :)

Thank you all for the all the comments - !!! I really appreciate them!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
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  1. Thanks for signing up for Halloween RR! I'm so glad you are in it. I'm thinking a smaller size, 50 x 50, inside design area, with 60 x 60 being everyone's square to work with. what do you think. Glad you got that book, I ordered that Needlework system, just waiting on it to come.

  2. Isn't that the greatest book ever? I keep mine beside the bed for a little light reading before sleep but I stay awake for ages to read just a bit more. I am so glad you were able to get one too. Now I just need to have The Ackworth School Memory Book. Go visit and scroll down.

    Glad you had fun at Mary's birthday party - the cake looks delicious!

  3. You must divulge how much you paid. Inquiring minds want to know. But what a great addition to your collection! And you are so very lucky to have a needlework store that close to you that you can go there whenever you want. I am so jealous!!!

  4. happy Birthday to Mary! The cake looks scrumptious!

  5. This is the one of the most interesting and lovely books that I have ever bought. My DH bought it for me last year for Valentines Day and I just enjoy reading it.
    He purchased the other day the Quaker Pattern Book off ebay for me. This is another one the I lusted after. Its another great book. I'll have to do a bit of arm twisting to get the other couple of Needleprint books that I want. But I can wait. I know where they are and I keep my eye on them LOL.

  6. Hi Edgar,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and telling us about the book, I will also try to find it.

  7. That book, that book (insert "Dr. Evil" laugh here) it's amazing. I even had my little local library do a regional search for it, but nothing. I did see it on Amazon but it was either gasoline and toilet paper or that book. Since both were about the same price I had to make the practical choice.

  8. It is a remarkable book I have had this one for awhile and I am so glad I bought it when I did so many people were charging way too much for it.

  9. [WARNING LABEL FOR THIS POST: I'm coveting your book]

    OoooooooH WoooooooooooooooW. This book looks like it would be the greatest book E-VER! I'm crossing my fingers that you are going to take pictures of what's within it for those of us who don't have it (yet). ; ) woahahahaaaaa.


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