Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cruella, Corn and some stitching

I don't think I have ever babbled about my love of all things Disney - I am talking old Disney not the majority of new stuff they are pumping out. What I really enjoy about Disney are the parks - WDW and EPCOT in Florida - I have been to both so many times I couldn't begin to count them - I have also been to Disneyland here in California - I had a really great time both times I visited but it is very a very small space a felt cramped and crowded both times - I really prefer the Florida experience. I also really enjoy most of the movies made under the Disney banner. All that said last nights movie was "101 Dalmatians" - 1961 - I just got my copy from Amazon - it was only $8.57 and was supposed to be a "gently used" version, but when it arrived it was brand new never been opened. I just love these movies!!!!

Now the corn part of last night - Rico was watching the Food Network and some cook suggested roasting corn in the oven - the way you do it is buy the corn BUT leave the husk and silk on. Turn the oven on to 350 put the corn with the husk and silk still on in and cook for about an hour. When you take it out of the oven it looks like this -

Then you peel the husk and what is left of the silk off and it is done like this -

Slap some butter and salt & pepper on it and it is some good eating - It couldn't be easier - We also had fried chicken and rice - one of my favorite dinners!!!!

Last night was a stitching night for me - I worked on the BPC - and here is a progress snap -

That's about it - two out going exchanges today - since they have quite a way to go I want them out and on the way - I just have very little faith in the mail system!!!

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  1. 101 Dalmations is my all time favorite movie. I still remember my Aunt taking me when I a kid to see it.

    Fried chicken and roasted corn sounds yummy! When the weater warms up my all time three favorite dishes are fried chicken,potato salad and corn on the cob.

    You stitching is coming along nicely.Keep up the great work
    Take Care

  2. That sounds like a real southern meal!! Some of my favorites, too!

  3. My guinea pigs would sulk if I did that to a corn cob - the husk and silk is all theirs, so when I roast corn, I have to wrap it in foil. Still yummy though!

  4. Mmmm, sweet corn loaded with butter and salt...YUM! We consume obscene amounts of sweet corn in the summer (thankfully we grow our own!), but I've never tried roasting it. Does it keep its sweet flavor when roasted?

    My daughter got 101 Dalmations a couple months ago and she wants to watch it ALL the time. Bet you can't guess what her favorite kind of dog is, huh? ;-)

  5. We call chicken, rice, and corn a "White Dinner". Though too often it is only canned corn, not fresh. We used to pick our own when we lived in Oregon. We also like to microwave fresh corn. Peel back the husks, remove the silk, and nuke for seven minutes, turning once. A lot less hassle than boiling pots of water.

  6. Yummo! I love fresh corn on the cob, we had our first of the season over the weekend.

    I love Mary Poppins, I sure wish they still made good musicals like that!

  7. That corn looks awesome! I have tried cooking it in the microwave with the husks, but never in the oven. And, I have always wanted to try it Rick Bayless style on the grill. We have a few more months to wait here until it is in season...should be just in time for the tomatoes and other goodies for BLTs :)

  8. When I was in my early 20's I had a Buick older 80's mother called me Cruella...LOL!

    And I'm a corn bred and fed country girl myself and I'm taking that idea and getting me some tasty ear corn to try it out on!


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