Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday with no Hot Water!

Once again we woke up to no hot water!!! We had none on Saturday but it eventually came on later in the morning, and has been working for the past three days - but this morning there was nothing coming out of the tap that was remotely warm. In fact I think the water pouring out was coming straight off an ice berg it was so cold. I couldn't wait around for hours to see if the hot water would ever come on and came into work without a shower!!!! So here I sit with a baseball cap on covering up the giant cowlick that is my head!!!! - and feeling kinda grumpy!!! Oh well - just one more thing happening at my apartment building. The hot water is broken for our whole building so I am not alone in my misery!!! Enough of that -

Last night I worked some on an exchange and I worked some on BPC -
Here is a progress on the BOC -

Not too much else going on - except I am starting to plan our Christmas card - I know if I don't get going now that by the time it rolls around I won't have it done!!!! I am thinking about a beachy inspired snap (we all know how much I love the beach......think snarky sarcasm)
- or maybe Alcatraz???? who knows! :)

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  1. We were without gas and, subsequently, hot water for a week recently. We made do by heating water in the microwave in my 2 1/2 quart Corningware casserole dishes to near boiling and cutting it to warm with water from the tap for sponge baths and hair washing. Not fun, but it sure beats a cold shower! Hopefully you won't have to resort to the same!

    I love your stitching, by the way, and really enjoy reading your blogs (this one and the Quaker RR). I don't think I've commented before...

  2. Sorry to hear about your hot water woes. When we built out our SF condo, the builder put in this ridiculous 70 gallon hot water heater. But we never run out. I hope your water is back soon.

  3. Hope your water situation gest sorted real soon - no water/shower would make me really grumpy too. How did anyone survive without gas/electricity/water in ancient times?
    Great work on BPC

  4. Drop by a gym (with a towel, soap etc. in a bag), say you're thinking of a membership and could they offer you a day or two or a week to try it out free of charge. Use the exercise equipment if you have to, but then take a nice shower. Or if that bothers you, throw yourself on their mercy and offer to pay to take a shower because your hot water is out.

    Santa's sleigh over Alcatraz!

  5. Sorry about your water problems. BPC looks just amazing ;)