Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday again....

This weekend was kind of busy - I had panned on working at the bookstore both Saturday and Sunday - but was not on the schedule for Saturday so we went out garage-saleing - I bought two things. The was a blue granite ware roaster for $3.00 - it is a sort of middle size. The roaster I have now is a really small one and this will be perfect and for $3 who can beast the price!! The second thing I bought was a black messenger bag. I have been needing to replace my book bag for the longest time as the zippers were giving out. I only paid $3 for the bag - I have been pricing them in the stores and the can run upwards of $90 and be way to big. After we dropped Dale off ( he bought a ton of Halloween stuff!!) We went on over to the -

The Gardens are in Golden Gate Park - and it was such a wonderfully sunny day we walked all over this place. I took lots of snaps so I will spread them across the week to not overload everyone - here are some of the open spaces -

Here are some of plants that were in flower

The garden is a lovely quiet oasis from city noises and stress.

I stitched and finished a few things but nothing I can show as they are all for exchanges and my Birthday Partner - her birthday is next month and I want to make sure the package gets there for her special day!!!

Thanks stopping by!!!

Take care,


  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend...don't you just love finding something you need (and things you don't!) for just pennies on the dollar?!?!

  2. Great photos, it looks a lovely place to visit. I shall look forward to more photos.
    Can't beat a bargain!

  3. Sounds and looks like it was a beautiful weekend. Dont you just love getting a bargain, I sure do.