Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Weekend - exchange received....

This weekend we once again went yard saleing - I think I am now addicted!!!! I only got a couple of things - big glass Pyrex measuring cup - for a $1.00 and a really nice basket for $3.00, and 3 DVD's for a $1 each. One of the DVD's is the Criterion Collection version of "Great Expectations in " - 1946. A DVD that I have lusted after for longest time but felt it was just too expensive - but for a buck - you can't beat that with a stick for price!!! Dale has a Jeep and we road all over with the top down Sun out and wind blowing!!!!!- It was nice most of the day. We also road over to IKEA in Emryville as I have needed to replace a bookcase for the longest time and I had found one there that was not too expensive. That was the project Saturday night - putting the bookcase together. Then Sunday I pulled down the old one and sorted through the books and tossed a bunch out - but cleaned off what I wanted to keep and now everything is back in place. received

I know that Karen received the SBBC Feathered Friends exchange and here is a snap -

I lifted this from Karen's blog as I think I erased the snaps I took - I just can not find them!!

The weather has turned around and we had tons of fog roll over the city Saturday evening and it is now chilly and cold and back to normal!!!!! Hooray for the marine layer!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Garage sales are addictive, especially when you're finding such great bargains!!!

    I swear, your exchanges just keep getting better and more beautiful!!!

  2. What a great exchange. I'm really watching these closely so I get it right when I do my first exchange next month. Love yard-saleing! Did you see the treasures from this weekend that I posted?

  3. What a beautiful pinkeep - Karen must be thrilled (I know I would be)

  4. Yay for the fog! It was nice weather to camp out in GGP watching B2B. If it had been 85+ again, I would have melted for sure!

  5. Edgar, I think you sent your summertime temps to's heating up fast here!

    Nice exchange you sent to Karen!

    I love garage sales too; you can find some great bargains!

  6. That is a gorgeous exchange. Karen must be thrilled!

  7. THAT my dear Edgar is a BEAUTIFUL exchange! Just perfection!!!
    And WOW to those bargains :)
    you can't beat a big pyrex measuring cup for $1...I love those things!

  8. Edgar, can you check my blog to see if I sounded too harsh? I haven't even received the certified receipt in the mail from her yet. I sent it that way so she would have to sign. Ohhhh!

  9. Hi Edgar, I saw the pinkeep that you made for my friend Karen yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful. Karen is absolutely thrilled with it and has it displayed in her lovely needlework shop.
    I always enjoy popping in and reading what you are up to and the old movies and books you have been watching etc. = take care = Sandra.