Friday, June 27, 2008

Exchanges...... they are keeping me busy

Well, let's us see - I finished another exchange last night - no snap.
I am mailing an exchange this morning - no snap.
An exchange was received yesterday - Here are some snaps.....

and here is a close up -

I put this HOE - Freebie Exchange together for Veronica - after looking at her blog - which has the feel of soft Victorian colours - I chose this Au ver d'Soie orchid colour. The pattern is from "with my Needle" - I finished it off with some lace and I think it turned out pretty nice. I included some fabric for finishing and some HDF silk. Also some hand lotion and some "Summer chocolates" from a local chocolatier - Joseph Schmidt - I thought I wouldn't be able to get them this year as I had not seen them anywhere - these chocolates come in one of the "Special Edition Boxes" which he has made - makes it nice as the boxes change every year with different hand painted designs. I have heard that Veronica likes what I sent so I am very happy about that!!! You should check out her blog as she has some really wonderful spinning and weaving pictures!!

Going out today is my HOE - LHN Exchange - it has quite a ways to go.
Also leaving is the Grand Blogiversary award for Carol in Deal, England.

Last night the TCM - "Images of Asians in Movies" was "The Joy Luck Club" 1993 - one of my favorite movies - and as usual it turned into a snivel fest at the end!!!
If you have not seen the movie you should -
if you haven't read the book - you must - as the book is better than the movie.

And there you go - another week gone by!!
Tomorrow I am meeting up with Valerie at NIAH so that will be very nice to meet face to face!!

Thanks for stopping by!

take care,


  1. I'm soooo excited!

    Love the pinkeep you made for Veronica - such lovely colours.

    Say hi to Valerie for me - now if only I could meet up with you both at NIAH how cool would that be?

  2. Yay!! I can't wait til's the bright light at the end of this crazy week. Oof! What a week!

    What a delicate pinkeep for Veronica. The muted colors make it look soft and dainty.

    Awww...too bad Carol R. can't come and meet us too...that would be cool!

  3. Beautiful pinkeep! Loved the JLC book, the movie wasn't too bad either (normally if I've read the book I hate the movie, lol!)

  4. Hope your get together with Valerie was fun, Edgar!
    Love the exchange you did. Gorgeous colours! But you have to do some more stitching for you! I miss your pictures :o)

  5. What a lovely colour you have stitched that delicious pinkeep in, Hope you had a great time with Valerie.

  6. You are a busy guy Edgar! Very nice pinkeep for Veronica. Hope you had fun at NIAH!

  7. What a lovely pin keep, and the thread colour is just gorgeous! Looking forward to hearing about your meet up with Valerie.

  8. Those exchanges can keep a stitcher real busy! I think sometimes its easy to not realize just how many things you've commited to until the deadlines start to pile up!