Thursday, June 26, 2008

A couple of movies

Last night was a stitchy (no snaps, yet) movies night -

I had two movies from Netflix to watch - Playing on TCM was more of the lovely Sophia they showed "Boy on a Dolphin" - 1957 not one of my favorites, followed by the big budget spectacle that is "Fall of the Roman Empire"- 1964 - I have the collectors edition of "FRE" got it when it came out as I really like this bloated colossus of spending money!

The Netflix movies that I watched were "Kiss me Stupid" - 1964 - staring Dean Martin, Kim Novak and Ray Walston - was quite a pleasant surprise as a kind of cynical comedy. Directed by Billy Wilder and shot in B&W I really enjoyed this flick and will probably try and get a copy for my DVD collection. This was followed up by "The World of Suzie Wong" - 1960 TCM showed this earlier in the month but I missed it so I moved it to the top of the queue - I really enjoyed this as I like William Holden and Nancy Kwan was truly in command of her character.
Very good film!

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