Monday, April 22, 2024

Another Rabbit Hole......

 Gentle Friends, here's a snaperoo of Sarah...

... I'd be further along if it weren't for my phone.  My phone you say!  Specifically one little ole APP... the TikTok!  I usually watch a few and then put the phone down, but lately, I've found myself watching them one right after another... and then a couple of hours have slipped by...  no fake news feed and opinions, I'll get my news from other, far more reliable sources, thank you very much.  But, the customer service, hospice nurse, servers stories... and of course the dancing chihuahuas and chickens... I have a shallow humour threshold and will laugh at damn near anything that strikes me funny!!  

I need to be far more strict with myself and stop wasting time...  
and then I ask myself, where's that phone!

That's about it for today as I reveal my weakness... thanks for stopping by do stop again.  Stay Safe!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Those colors are wicked good - especially against the black background of your post. Love it! I can truthfully say I don't do Tik Tok...but, trust me, I've fallen down a good number - equally troublesome - rabbit holes. ~Robin~

  2. Sarah is looking so pretty, Edgar. The only 'social' I do is Instagram and I have been limiting my time there. Have a wonderful week, Edgar!

  3. I love that border. It is just so happy!

  4. I get that way with Reels! A total time suck🤣 what a pretty girl Sarah is, great progress👍🏼

  5. TikTok is banned in India.. but we have Instagram to make up for that. I love that border


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