Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Thursday....

Almost the weekend - which means a visit to Alameda and Needle in a Haystack!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!! Yes, I took off a Saturday just for me - I so need a break from the 7 workday week!!! I haven't been over there in quite a while and I need a couple of things
(or I should say want a couple of things)
I wasn't into stitching last night and so didn't really get anything done but here is snap of some more letters from the first Alphabet -

I don't know what was going on but I just did not feel it last night - so that meant that not too much got done. There is another alphabet on top of this one in a golden/yellow so we'll see what we can accomplish over the next couple of days.

It was probably the movie last night - TCM's 31 Days of Oscars continues – with “On the Beach" - 1959. It is not an up movie by any stretch of the imagination. It stars Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Anthony (pre-psycho) Perkins. All of the acting and production of the film is wonderful. Ava Gardner was still a spectacular beauty!!! It was the first film that Fred Astaire had a dramatic roll and did no singing or dancing, he also was wonderfully beliveable. Gregory Peck as the leading man does his job as usual with great skill!!!! If you do not know the story it is about the residents of Australia after a global nuclear war and their coming to terms with the fact that all life will be destroyed in a matter of months. Not a happy subject but beautifully shot in B&W with location shots in Australia and San Francisco.

Regarding the SBQ - I knew that all would be surprised at the unveiling of my secret interest in Quaker themed stitchy things!! :)

I did have a couple of comments that need answering -

Coni - Thanks for de-lurking and for stopping by!!!! I know it does seem that I do lots of big things. I just like the idea of a project lasting for a while. Don’t get me wrong I do like a quick finish and that is why I really like the SBEBB. I only have one q-snap and that is an 8 inch one. It is very close to the size of my favorite hoop so I am comfortable with it and just move that sucker around. The extra linen I just roll up under or on top of the piece and just kind of prop it there, that was not very clear. I think I need a picture - I'll try and get one for tomorrow.

Kathryn - I know what you mean about CC floss - it seems that lately it has changed dramatically with the variegation and the weight - I don't know what is going on, but I do love the colours they have, some of my favorites. With that said - I have been using many more WDW and have just fallen for Tigers Eye, Whiskey and Scuppernong.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Yes Edgar, please take a picture of your q-snap setup! =) I bought the huge q-snaps for Fairy Moon and I think my arm may give out if I tuck in for a whole night of stitching on her and having to prop her up.

    Although I do have all the sizes and can just shift projects around and make the hoop smaller but the fabric for her is almost a fat's huge!

    Only one more day...can't wait til tomorrow at 5pm! Have fun at NiaH. Lucky guy!

  2. That's for the update on Crescent Colors. I'm actually glad that there has been a change in the material, since there are people who seem to love it and I simply couldn't understand it. I, too, love WDW's Scuppernong. There were even a few discontinued colors (Lavender, Wisteria) of WDW that I loved and bought a bunch of while there was some left in ONS's.

    As far as really large fabric on BAPs -- the first project I stitched that didn't fit in my Q-snaps was Warm Water Wash. I only had to move it around four times, so there wasn't that much fabric flopping all over the place, but the stitching under the Q-snaps seems just fine. Now I have Hawaiian Mandala, 29" x 29" fabric on a 11" x 14" Q-snap. It was suggested that I use clips to hold the floppy fabric, but for right now when I am stitching in the middle, I am just gently folding it. The only difficulty is that because it won't all fit, I will have to do the beading by hand at the end. Ouch. There is a LOT of beading.

  3. Ava Gardner is one my absolute favorites...she was so exotically beautiful, but (according to her autobiography, which I just finished reading) was very down-to-earth and "normal"...she didn't see herself as an important movie star, she was just Ava.

    Fred Astaire is one of my favorites, too...actually, "Royal Wedding" is on TCM right this minute and I'm watching it while computing.

  4. Great start on 'Forgiveness', Edgar! That is going to be another wonderful piece I would love to see progressing.
    Hope you're more awake today :o)

  5. Funny that you mention On the Beach. I was just talking about this movie to my co-workers, most of whom are younger than I and unaware of it. (Had I known it would be on AMC, I would have told them!)

    Love the colors in 'Forgiveness.'

  6. Edgar,
    I absolutly love visiting your blog.You stitch some lovely things.

  7. I want to go to NIAH - the nearest I got was meeting Cathe at a CA class in Cape Cod

  8. Enjoy your outing to NIAH! I'm sure you'll have LOTS to show us on Monday! Have a great weekend!