Friday, December 13, 2013

Wrapping up the Week with "The Bishops Wife" Film #8

Gentle Friends I wanted to wrap this week of fun Christmas Films with a hum-dinger!!  One of the top Films of the Season.... 

....."The Bishops Wife" - 1947 - starring David Niven, Cary Grant, Loretta Young, Monty Woolley and Gladys Cooper.  A wonderful film that works on so many levels.  A superb cast in great rolls; snappy writing; superbly paced editing and some super music!  The final cast were not the original choices... The original casting choices were: David Niven was to play the Angel, Dana Andrews the Bishop and  Theresa Wright as the Wife - what a different film that would have made.  The story in a nutshell....."A Bishop trying to build a new grand Cathedral prays fro guidance.  An angel arrives, but his guidance isn't about fundraising."  

I watch this film two or three times over the Season and have seen it few dozen times, and it never gets old or boring - that's what makes it a true "Christmas Classic!!"

I found this clip of the Mitchel Boys choir singing "O Sing to God" from the film.  It's a super number ....

A little tid-bit about this film is that yesterdays film "The Man Who Came to Dinner"'s star Monty Woolley is a featured actor in this film, playing a Professor of Ancient History.

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  1. Oh The Bishop's Wife is my all time favorite!!!

  2. One of my all-time favorite films : )

  3. I've watched this film twice this week. It never get's old and Cary Grant is spot on in this role.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the Jewels book and it is now passing along through my friends.

  5. What a very beautiful film to have, I sometimes watch Christmas movies in the summer, this is one of my favorites. Thank-you for sharing the clip of the Boys singing.
    You do have a very extensive collection.
    Merry Christmas in the Name of Jesus..

  6. That's so funny -- I just put this on my watch list to watch again! lol! Love this one!

  7. What a delightful film. Have a great week-end!

  8. I've enjoyed your posts on the films tremendously. I've never seen this one, The Bishop's Wife, but am going to make a point of finding it so I can watch! Thanks for sharing all your favorites, Edgar!

  9. the Bishops wife is one of my favorite movies. Merry christmas.