Tuesday, December 3, 2013

... and the Countdown Continues.... #16

Gentle Friends thank you so much for your kind comments and emails, once again warming the heart on a cold blustery day..... we have a really cold front moving through this week, even the who hounds are finding it on the chilly side!!

Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving wound down I got back in the kitchen and whipped up a cake I had wanted to make for a while now..... "Cranberry Crunch Cake"....I really love the cranberry, so tart and such a great colour, a real fall fruit!!!  The recipe comes from Flavors by Four a fabulous Blog run by Nicole.  You can find the recipe HERE..... and here's my little pile of cake.....

..... as you can see I have traded out my Fall stuff for a Christmas...  this is a great cake, really moist and the candy nut topping gives it a nice crunch.  The berries a tart and delicious, I would highly recommend this cake for the season!!

Today's Christmas Film is one that I would call a modern classic..... 

 "A Christmas Story" - 1983 - starring Peter Billingsley, Darrin McGavin and Melinda Dillon.  Initially when released it did not do well and was considered a "sleeper film" it has gone on to become one of the staples of film for the Christmas Season, at least in my little world!!  The story is set in 1940's Indiana and revolves around Ralphie and his desire for a Red Rider BB Gun.  The movie is in three acts, each act has Ralphie trying to convince an adult in his life the BB Gun is essential to his existence, except everyone continues to warn him that "He'll shoot his eye out."   It's a really fun film and usually at some point it appears on TV, and has in past years been given marathon status with the moniker "24 Hours of a Christmas Story."  The film has been released in every format imaginable from Betamax and Laserdisc to Blu Ray.  It's a great film and a fun piece to watch, if you've not seen it give it a try.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

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  1. If I ever visited your home, you'd need a couple of crowbars to wedge me OUT the door! Lol! This looks incredibly good. Definitely adding to my list of holiday treats to try out. Love "A Christmas Story" as well. Hmmm...some Ovaltine might go well with that cake. Nah, I'll stick to strong coffee. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours, Edgar.

  2. I love Cranberries, so thank you for giving the link to the recipe!

    Christmas Story is one of the best! It is a must for the Christmas movie list every year. This year I found a leg lamp ornament!

  3. Another movie that you & John & I agree on : )

  4. Your cake sounds and looks delish!! I'm certainly going to try it!!

  5. YUM...that cake looks delicious!!

    Christmas Story is a tradition in this house.....along with National Lampoon Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life :)

  6. The cake looks so yummy! Will be on my to make list!!!

  7. We love that movie, too! One of my favorite memories of watching it was showing it for the first time to my rather straight-laced mother and being amazed and amused that she laughed the hardest at the line, " the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window...". LOL!!!

  8. Did you know Edgar, that I'm actually married to Ralphie? ;)

  9. So kind of you to share your cake with us, I can partake with no calories lol

  10. Oohhh I love the red snowman cookie jar/canister!! Where did you get it?

    LOL....if you ever come to Cleveland OH, you can visit the Christmas Story house! You can even sit in the kitchen cupboard!


  11. Looks delicious! And the movie sounds like fun too!

  12. That cake looks so pretty. Perfect for this time of year! We are also freezing in Seattle!!!