Friday, December 6, 2013

An Exchange and a Secret Santa Arrive, I make a new start ....and We're at #13......

Gentle Friends today I'll wrap up the week with some real Christmas cheer......  let's start off with an Exchange that I did with Shirlee over at "The Easily Influenced Stitcher" - a while back we emailed about doing an exchange and set the date for St Nicolas Day, today December 6th, as the send date, well as everyone knows both Shirlee and myself are early senders so I got my Exchange yesterday and she'll get hers either today or tomorrow ( I tracked it to see just how close to the Devils Playground it had gotten...).  I got mine home last night and out tumbled a super Christmas Exchange..... here's a snap...

... Shirlee knows me so well, she included some super DVD's and some delicious Christmas tea... but the focus of the exchange is the ornament, it is simply gorgeous!!!

... so perfect for the season and so wonderfully finished!!!  Thank you so much dear Shirlee!!

I also took part in the Secret Santa Exchange over on the 123 Stitch Board, and Belinda my partner sent me a chart I had on my wish list AND the floss to stitch it with......

I pulled extra floss from my stash just in case I it is needed.  I love Beth's colouring for this piece, the faded reds, greens and golds are so lovely this band sample will be a wonderful addition to the sampler wall..... here's my teeny tiny start....

I would have started it two days ago but the linen (36ct Sand) was way to light and cold, I thought, so I tea-stained it and warmed it up a bit, now I really like the linen and the stitching looks great on this shade of brown.

For the 13th Christmas film I thought I would talk "Dickens" - and do "A Christmas Carol" mention.  There a dozens of versions of ACC out there, lots of film, TV, and radio, even in print, the story is so universal it can change place and time and still the message is the same.  I love this story, always have and always will.  I have in my Film collection numerous versions; some great, some good, some bad and some really bad - but my all time favorite is .......

"Scrooge" - 1951 - original title, renamed for the American market "A Christmas Carol" - starring Alastair Sim, Mervyn Johns, Hermione Baddeley and Jack Warner.  The story stays pretty true to the book, but what I think makes this a wonderful version is Sim's interpretation of Scrooge, spot on through the entire film!!  Other versions of ACC I'd like to mention would have to include.... "Scrooged" - 1988 - a modern version with Bill Murray in top form, "Scrooge" - 1970 - with Albert Finney heading up this musical version, it was my Mom's favorite Christmas film and I have always enjoyed it immenselly, "A Christmas Carol" - 2009 - a 3d animated version from the Disney Studio, starring Jim Carrey, "The Muppet Christmas Carol" - 1992 - starring Michael Caine - it's the Muppets and just darling!!, There are other versions..... 1984's ACC starring George C Scott, 1999's ACC starring Patrick Stewart, and 2004's ACC starring Kelsey Grammer.... I could go on and on.... each highlighted ACC should take you to a Wikipedia link to read more about the individual films.  There are many, many versions out there to watch and enjoy, try and catch one this season!!!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for your continuing kindnesses, have a super weekend!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar, It looks like you had a great mail day yesterday! The Exchange ornament you received is so pretty, and it was very thoughtful of Shirlee to include the tea and DVD's. Your Secret Santa chart gift is also fabulous...I might have to add that one to my wish list!
    Have a fun Friday, Carolyn

  2. Wow - what great goodies you received! Love the ornament Shirlee stitched for you and the Heartstring piece you started looks like a great one.
    I'm also a big fan of A Christmas Carol and love the versions you mentioned as some of your faves. My top fave is the musical version which your mom loved - I watch it every year and used to show it to my students when I was teaching. Enjoy your holiday gifts. Kevin

  3. What a great exchange! And a lovely start on the other piece too! Love the colors. I love A Christmas Carol! It will always be one of my favorites. The Alistair Sims version is a nice one!

  4. There is an audio recording of Patrick Stewart doing A Christmas Carol. He used to do it as a one man stage show (totally wished I could have seen that) and this is basically a recording of that.

    Speaking of Patrick Stewart, here's a festive video my stepson shared with me, featuring him:

  5. What great exchanges! Shirlee did such a great job with the ornament and the chart you received is lovely as well.

  6. What an awesome mail day, you received some great exchanges! A Christmas Carol is always on my list and you named both my favorite versions- Mickey Mouse and Patrick Stewart:). Have a great weekend!

  7. Wonderful exchanges and a lovely new start! We are big "Christmas Carol" fans in this house. So far the George C. Scott is our favorite.

  8. What a fabulous exchange ~ Shirlee's ornament is gorgeous! And that Heartstring piece is on my wish list ~ so pretty ~ will be watching to see you bring it to life!

  9. Fantastic exchange from Shirlee! I love that ornie. Beautiful new start from Heartstring. I have several if Beth's Christmas designs to stitch. I got my kids to watch Scrooged the other day for the first time. Great fun. It's been lovely catching up with all your posts Edgar. I have been away too long. X

  10. A Christmas Carol ... I love this story too & love watching the movies. This one with Alistair Sim is indeed wonderful! I also love the one with the Muppets, George C Scott, Patrick Stewart, but do not know the one with Kelsey Grammer. I'll have to look that one up. Disney did a wonderful take on this story using Micky, Minnie, & the gang & it is also wonderful. Henry Winkler did one long ago with a bit of a modern take on it but still the same story. I like that one too. And books! Gotta love those books too! I'm glad you liked your exchange goodies : )

  11. Dearest Edgar: I love the older version of Dickens, your exchange is a lovely one the ornament is beautiful.
    The movies are a real win how lucky you are.

    Merry Chrtistmas to you Rico and the Kids.


  12. At your suggestion/recommendation we ordered Christmas in Connecticut from Netflix and watched it this week. Very fun to see an 'old timey' movie. Took me back to my childhood, oh so long ago!! (smile) Barbara was soooo young.

  13. Lovely exchanges sweet Edgar! You are a most deserving recipient of spoiling :)

  14. Lovely exchanges!!!!! The ornament is beautiful and I think the colours for the band sampler are gorgeous.

    My all time favourite Christmas movie is the 1951 Scrooge (A Christmas Carol). I adore Alistair Sims portrayal of Scrooge. I have to watch this movie Christmas Eve.

  15. I'm stitching this Christmas Band sampler now, too. I'm such a slow stitcher, you'll be finished long before me! Hope your weekend was great. It looks like a beautiful day at the SF game today (unlike a lot of the other games).

  16. Catching up here; I also really love Scrooge (1970); it was one of my grandmother's (she raised me, chiefly) favorite films. It probably was her Christmas Favorite, too...unless you count "Meet Me in St. Louis" as a Christmas movie. (I GUESS I do, yet I think it is even better in early fall because you are close to summer, yet looking into the Holiday Season.)

    That's a great exchange and Heartstring gift from the board. Good times! :D