Monday, December 23, 2013

The Last Couple of Films.....

Gentle Friends for the #2 slot in my film list I wanted to put one of my all time favorite films.....

...."The Nightmare Before Christmas" - 1993 -  starring the voices of Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandn and Catherine O'Hara - the film is more of a cross over film between Hallowe'en and Christmas than solely a Christmas film. Even with the blending of the two Holiday's I still love the imagery and the story line.  The main character is Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, who, once he stumbles onto Christmas Town becomes enthralled with the "Christmas" concept.  He tries to wrap his head around the idea of Christmas and at the same time tries to overcome his boredom with his own "Holiday" - Hallowe'en.  He then tries to recreate Christmas from a Hallowe'en point of view.  Not a typical Christmas film by any stretch of the imagination, it's still a wonderful film.

Here's a clip of one of the songs from the film  "What's this?" - where Jack encounters different things in Christmas Town.....

There you go sports fans - another day closer to Christmas!!  

Take care,


  1. I have never seen this film but from your clip the singing is great. I went out and bought Arthur Christmas....what fun for me. Even grandchildren might like it. I am a sucker for a fun animated movie, I mean what is better than "Monsters Inc". not much. Happy Holidays

  2. This one is one of our favorites too. We'll watch this throughout the year! Christmas Eve we'll watch The Little Drummer Boy, which is becoming a new tradition for us.

  3. Love this one Edgar! I have enjoyed your seeing the different films you have been posting. Have a very wonderful holiday with your family!

  4. Dearest Edgar: One of my top ten favorite movies.

    Merry Christmas to you Rico and the Hoo Hounds.


  5. It is almost here, Edgar! Wishing you a very Merry, Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year!

  6. Edgar, You picked one of my favorites!!

  7. One of my all time favorites too!

  8. Awwww I love that movie. When my daughter still lived at home, every year without fail we would bring it out to watch in October to celebrate autumn and her birthday on Halloween. I haven't watched it in a long time, maybe I need to bring it out.