Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A couple of Movies and some stitching.....

Last night was a bad TV night but a good movie night. I pulled from my library of DVD's two super movies!!! "Pride and Prejudice",1940 and "Tale of Two Cities", 1935.
So it was a Edna May Oliver evening. Don't you just love her!!!

This is a photo of her with Henry Fonda in "Drums Along the Mohawk", 1939. Directed by John Ford, another super movie!!!!!

I worked on Quaker Christmas and it is coming right along. I did not get a far as I had hoped as I was visited by the frog-zilla. On the left side two of the arms where off by one stitch and I did not notice until I saw that it was not coming together and working out evenly. So I had to spend time pulling the mistake out and then putting in the correct stitches. I have also come to realize that I can not work with a rotation (as you may have noticed I pulled it off the blog a while back). It is just that I am a one project at a time kind of stitcher. I like to work through things and get them done then move on to something else. I have been that way throughout my whole life. I did notice that even while I was working on a piece I was thinking about the other piece I wasn't working on. So there you go - One at a time - with the occasional exchange or RR thrown in for good measure.

Here is a snap of what I did accomplish last night -

It was that big snowflake in the middle that was giving me the hard time.....

I also took a snap of them working on "Milk" when I went through the Castro yesterday. It did not look exciting by a long shot. But, there were some great looking old cars out there for atmosphere. Here is the snap -

There was a gang of people around what used to be Harvey's Camera shop that is now a gift shop (I think) that has been turned back to a camera shop for the movie.
Movie magic at its finest!!! :)

I also ordered some linen from PTP and my silk from HDF so that I can make a decision about the Quaker Friendship RR piece. There are just way too many choices out there!!!!
I will be setting up a separate blog for that soon.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

take care,


  1. Love the progress you're making on QC. I'm not a rotation type of stitcher nor a one-at-a-time stitcher. Hmmm, what on earth would that make me?

  2. Edgar, I'm so disappointed. That is the worst adaptation of Pride and Prejudice ever. It's like they read the back of the book and made the movie! :)

  3. QC is looking great! Making real progress.

  4. QC looking great - sorry about the froggies though - send out the black sheep to scare them away!

  5. My friend raves about the BBC or PBS (can't quite remember) version. Sadly, I've never seen the movie or read the book. Did you see the Austen article on sfgate today? You should check it out.

    QC looks fab as usual. Finally bought those threads. Will have to go to NiaH soon for fabric :)

  6. Thanks for the info on the linen, I'm going shopping Saturday with my sister to pick out my linen and thread choice. I'm gonna look at the silks!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Great progress on QC! You're a focused stitcher. I'm a scatty stitcher--neither true rotation nor able to stick to just one. We've got the Tale of Two Cities--because BF is a Ronald Colman fan.