Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Stuff

I am getting a late start this morning - It just seems that Mondays are so filled with things that I get to the blog a little later than usual.

Saturday was a fun day of mostly estate sales with a garage sale of two thrown in. It was a perfect day breezy and comfortable all day long. Here is a snap of a great older basket I picked up ....

I have consolidated many of the flatter stitchy treasures together and they look great. I also picked up a few other things....

Here is a snap of the haul - an older frame that looks 100% better now the odd print that was in it has been removed, a cow creamer with little chintz flowers on her, a great little Victorian Christmas plate. Last but not least an over sized Christmas mug from Pottery Barn, you can't beat that for .50 cents!! .... feeding my on going obsession with linen tea towels continues... I got a set of three with tea leaf types printed on them and an over sized Australian Fauna one - all four for $3 and they had never been used - so now they are laundered, ironed and ready for use. I also made some plum preserve -

as you can see we popped one open and it is pretty tasty - we put some of this preserve on...

.... these popovers. I picked the popover pan up at a house sale on Saturday and they turned out great. They do not need 30 mins in the oven as this is only about 22 and they were getting a bit "done" on the edges! I remember my sister making these when we where younger and all at home but I think she used either muffin tins or custard cups.

Riding around Saturday we stopped at the Holy Virgin Cathedral - the Church itself was locked up so we went into the bookstore - and it was just filled with beautiful icons from floor to ceiling.

If you click the link that should take you to a snap of the inside space and it looks just beautiful.

Lastly a little stitchy report. I worked on some secret stitching and I made a start on something I have wanted to do for a long time. Here is a snap...

It is the "This is the Day" sampler from JCS. I shifted out some colours to ones I liked better. No rush at all on this as I have quite a few other commitments along the way - but I wanted to get this going as I really like the finished ones I have seen around blog land. I did want to thank you all for the kind comments about the piece I made for Carol.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Your popovers and plum preserves look delicious! You found some wonderful things at the sales - lucky you! We didn't have one this weekend.

  2. Edgar, which JCS is that from? I must have it for myself! It turns out so beautifully! And what yummy preserves!

  3. Great finds at your Estate Sales and really lovely stitching. Patti xxx

  4. This basket looks so pretty with all the pinkeeps in it.
    And ohhhh, those delicious looking popovers. Looking at them makes me feel very hungry indeed, lol.

  5. Edgar, Pleased to meet you! I have looked into and read your blog off and on ( mostly on) for the past year. I was just thinking about the "This is the day" sampler yesterday as I perused my back issues of mags in my collection. Did you order the kit from JCS? or did you kit this one up yourself? I would be interested to know what floss/fiber changes you have made. Have a great evening. Thanks for being so inspirational with your stitching, movies and food!

  6. The cow creamer is adorable and the preserves and popovers look so yummy. Great start on the new sampler. CJ ok;-)

  7. Lovely haul of stuff from the sales!

    I'm with you on the linen tea towels - I have a stash here that I've acquired from charity shops and car boot sales. In fact, I've got so many now I'll have to live a long time to use them all because I don't ditch them until they really are raggy - because the older and softer, the better!

  8. Your stitchy smalls look great in that wonderful old basket, and lovely other finds too. Plum jam is my all time favourite!
    Like your new stitchy start.

  9. OK, now I'm making popovers! YUM
    Your new start is beautiful so far. I don't get I wish I did!
    Your old basket reminds me of one I have sitting in the corner that my Great-Grandmother used to collect her sock darning. I should dust it off and use it for stitchy stuff. I also have the rocker she sat in the do the darning! Hmmm...I think some rearranging is in my future today.
    Thanks for your blog. I look forward to your new posts.

  10. Love the basket! (I have a weakness for them.) And the tea towels etc. Popovers make me think of Jordan Pond House in Maine -- that's where our popover obsession started. Your preserves must taste so good on them! Makes my mouth water! Nice TiTD start too! It's a fun project, isn't it?