Thursday, August 13, 2009

Salty and Sweet - crunch, crunch, crunch

GR&DF - Thank you for your comments - always kind and always so nice!! I am so happy that there is interest in the book - as I found it very interesting - and don't worry about the post costs - I don't mind sending anything anywhere - so if you are picked from the BOD - no matter how far from Baghdad by the Bay - that is just my little bit of PIF into the world.

Yesterday was the farmers market - and the post title today is referencing that - sometimes thinking up a posting title is harder than just blogging - and if you have been reading this blog for a while or just look back over the titles - sometimes they can be pretty lame!! The farmers Market is changing - with summer ending and fall knocking on the door - there seemed to be less of things I usually get - I was able to get some basics, tomatoes, grapes, nectarines etc... I also got some Kettle Korn - I usually just pass the stand up as it always seems to have about a bazillion customers and I ain't fighting a crowd for nothing!! But, yesterday I caught him between crushes as he was starting a new kettle of deliciousness....

This stuff is so addictive - I just love the combination of the salt & sugar - not too much of either but just enough!! He packed up a bag of this warm ambrosia and once I got it home last night - I poured out ......

and it may look ordinary but it isn't... yummy!!! ( great Batman angled snap)

Walking back from the market I snapped some government art -

There are a pair of these bas relief sculptures on the electric sub station that I walk past. this one I think illustrates where electricity comes from for SF - water turning turbines - I couldn't remember if I had ever put them on the blog or not - they are nice enough to look at twice. Next week I will put up the other one - I bet you can't wait for that can you!! :)

Stitching last night was mostly on exchange pieces - I did manage to get a strand of two into Sail Away but not enough to warrant a snap - so no stitchity pictures.

The flicker for last night was "This is the Army" - 1943 - starring Joan Leslie, George Murphy, George Tobias, Alan Hale and Ronald Regan. Basically a musical built around the armed forces putting on musical shows - first in WWI then their sons in WWII. A very flag waving, feel good flick with some great Irving Berlin songs. Made as a fund raiser at the time and as with most films made during the war - it is another propaganda picture - and I am not saying that as a bad thing. This film along with two other films was released recently as "the Home front Collection." The other two films are "Thank Your Lucky Stars" and "Hollywood Canteen" - all three films are great patriotic musical gems.

I did want to ask - as I am not sure myself - what exactly does being a "follower" do for blogging or bloggers? Or what do you get - better updates on others blogs or just what????

Once again - thank you for stopping by do come again!!!

Take care,


  1. I follow blogs that interest me, like yours, and the posts are added to my Google Reader so that I do not have to search them out. That's my take on it.


  2. I am totally addicted to kettle korn. It's like the crack cocaine of the snackfood world.

  3. Fresh Kettle Korn is a snack that is dropped directly from heaven! Twice a year we have a Buckwheat festival and I go just so I can buy Kettle Korn. (Buckwheat cakes - not my thing)

    If you go to Blogger's Help section, you can read about following. I think that your followers have you in a list of blogs that they like to return to, and if you use Google Reader (I do), blogs you follow are automatically added to your reader subcriptions.

  4. Mmmmm Kettle corn is the BEST! especially when it is fresh and still warm :)

    Yes what Maggee said its added to my Google reader.Its kinds like TiVo I never miss a favortie :)

  5. I LOOOOOVE Kettle Korn!! If you 'follow' a blog it will also show up on your blogger dashboard when that person posts something new.

  6. Kettle korn. YUMMMMMMM.

    I like to follow people's blogs to see when they update their blogs. I do have my blog list thingie on the sidebar of my blog to show me when people update, but for some reason it takes longer for it to show up there sometimes than it does on my blogger dashboard. Checking for new blog updates is almost as addictive as kettle korn. ;)

  7. I was browsing blogs and my eyes did a double take when I saw your banner with "The Token" on it..I've had the piece in my stuff for years, wanting to stitch it in red. Ahhh, is there anything better than fresh kettle corn? YUMMY!

  8. mmmm... kettle corn, now I have a craving.

  9. Edgar, dear Edgar,

    I have only recently found your blog and have been avidly reading to catch up on all your goings-on!! You are such a delightful writer...and quite an accomplished stitcher! I am so enjoying getting to know you through your writings.

    I never could get into the whole kettlekorn kraze...I am more partial to good old Cracker Jacks myself!

    Being a new blogger myself, the Following option has really helped me find all the best needlework blogs out there...doing a search didn't seem to yeild much to be honest. When I find a really good blog it leads me to another, and another, and another...until, here I am! LOL!

    Thank you so much for such a delightful afternoon of blog reading...I hope to be back real soon...and please, stop by whenever you get a second to breathe! Until later...


  10. I guess I've lived a sheltered life because I have never eaten kettle corn fresh or otherwise. I'll have to be on the look out for some since it comes so highly recommended.

  11. haven't lived until you've had kettlecorn!! Our county fair is coming up next week and we go just so my DH can get his hot sausage sandwich with green peppers and onions and I get kettlecorn and fresh made ice cream from one of the dairy barns!! mouth is watering...LOL

  12. Ooooh, I love kettle corn!!! Yum! I'm not sure what the follower thing does. I think you have to add them to your reader by checking a box once you say you're a follower. If you don't do that, I'm not sure what it does. It's always nice to know you have followers though, isn't it? :D

  13. The kettle corn does look yummy. I should try the salt and sugar type someday.

    To answer your question about being a follower: With your blog, I get lots of smiles. When I have a bad day in work, I read your blog and it makes me realize what is important. I love seeing your stitching. Your work is so amazing. I also like the cool things you find at estate sales. You take really great pictures too. I also enjoy your descriptions of the classic movies.

  14. Edgar, kettlecorn is sooo good. Your blog is one of my favorites. I'm not sure about the follower thing either. I use my google reader to stay abreast of the new posts.

  15. I've never had the fresh made Kettle Corn, I've always bought the kind you pop in the microwave. I sure want to taste the goodness of fresh kettle corn. I hope I can find a vendor this year at the fair.

  16. I've never had the fresh made Kettle Corn, I've always bought the kind you pop in the microwave. I sure want to taste the goodness of fresh kettle corn. I hope I can find a vendor this year at the fair.

  17. Thanks for posting that giant bas relief! So cool!

    As for "This is the Army", I'm pretty sure I've seen that...isn't one of the songs something like, "This is the army, Mr. Jones" (I think the name was jones, at any rate.)