Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer House Arrives in SF and some snaps

GR&DF - Thank you so much for you kind comments yesterday about my earliest attempt at x-stitch. I don't remember much about the making of the piece but it was the the little bite that has now become a feast of fun!!!

Yesterday the mail brought me my Summer House Exchange piece from Irmeli who lives in Finland. Here is a snap of the cutest pillow....

Irmeli included some treats as a surprise - she explained that since I was the organizer of the exchange and knew who would be sending to me - that I should get a surprise treat!! I just love this darling piece!! So perfectly stitched and finished - she used a 28 ct linen and DMC floss - but I forgot the card at home so can't tell you the title of the piece.

I also got some snaps of the jamming from the weekend....

and I got a snap of my "new" bowl....

AND I forgot about my new pair of scissors.
We stopped into Joannes and these were 1/2 price -

...how could I pass!! Now, I am not a mess about scissors - in fact I reach for the same pair over and over again - but I really like the colour of these!!

I did want to let you know about the two new pidges - we lost one of them over the weekend - so now Mama stink eye is only looking after one new baby pidge.... and the older two from the first nest are still hanging around. We often see them crowded into the single window box together - and wonder if that had anything to do with what happened.

Last night TV just bit the big one all over the place so I popped a DVD in -
"Four Jill's in a Jeep" - 1944 - a great WWII feel good movie I hadn't seen in a while.

There you go - Thanks for stopping by and once again I do appreciate the nice comments!!!

Take care,


  1. beautiful exchange you rec'd. great looking jam, yummy. I LOVE the scissors, might have to run to joann's and see if they have any at mine Joann's here. I am a sucker for scissors. lol

  2. Lovely exchange piece that you received.
    I hope my Joanns has the same sale. I would love a pair of these scissors.

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  4. What a beautiful exchange piece! And nice scissors.

  5. Pretty exchange piece! Love your bowl and scissors too. Sad about the baby pidgeon. I wonder what happened.

  6. Just dropping in to say how much I love reading your blog. I'm not very computer savvy so I don't know how to blog,but my husband promises to help me with it soon so I can join in all all of the fun!

  7. Hi Edgar, you received a lovely summer house piece. Thanks for organising this round, it was great. Look forward to some more from you.

  8. What a lovely pillow and I love the scissors! My Joann's doesn't have the Gingher in the collector's scissors :(

    This afternoon while I was waiting to go to my son's house for dinner, I watched "The Nun's Story" with Audrey Hepburn on TCM. I love this movie and have it in my collection of oldies but it was great to see it again :)

  9. My condolences to Mama pidge.

    Irmeli's exchange is so nice. The sweets look yummy.

    I have never seen designer Gingher scissors at my local Joanne's. Wow! I like the colors too. What is the name of the scissors?

  10. Beautiful gift and your bowl is lovely! Your jams look especially delicious! Your scissors are very pretty, I would really like a pair of owl scissors myself. :)

  11. Beautiful exchange gift...I adore your scissors..fantastic!!

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  13. What a lovely exchange piece! The jams look delicious and you got a great buy on the Criss scissors! I have the same pair and I love using them.

  14. I really love that exchange piece you received. And as I have already received an exchange from Irmeli myself I know that it's perfectly stitched and finished. Enjoy!