Thursday, August 27, 2009

Will there ever be a balcony

GR&DF yesterday brought more balcony issues - as you know our balcony was removed back in February - yes February - 7 or so months ago. From the 2nd week of February up to about 3 weeks ago our sliding glass door was sealed and 2/3rds boarded over in a crappy condemned building kind of way. 3 weeks ago the door was uncovered and finally the property owners were getting to our balcony replacement. Now, we had been promised that it would be done and finished by the end of the second week of August - I, of course knew better and said at the time "I'll believe it when I see it!!" Of course the 14th of the month came and went and it wasn't completed. Yesterday we come home to our new and improved balcony railing in pieces all over the parking lot - not only were they going in the opposite direction about getting this project done but had actually broken up the new railings. By about 6 pm the railings where soldered back together, screwed onto the building and sprayed black - but that just puts us back to where we where on the 17th..... I would bet money its another month before they say we can use the damn thing again!!!! Bitter, table for one!!!!

Stitching last night was again on TiTD - I know I should have been working on the Sail Away piece but I wanted to finish up the house. Here is a snap of the finished house and what could possibly pass a a black pidge.....

I will start up the next section on Sail Away tonight. I don't want to get to behind.

Yesterday was Farmers Market Day and I have a couple of snaps of
the bounty that was out -

There was a ton of eggplants out - I passed on all of them - as Rico wont eat them and I only like them in a couple of very specific dishes - oh well - they were spectacular in color and volume. Here is another snap -

Aren't these some gorgeous peppers!! They were piles of them in many of the booths. My shopping was confined to my usual things, nectarines, tomatoes, string beans, Brussels sprouts - and of course a bag of the salty sweet crack we know fondly as Kettle Korn!! I also got a dozen lovely brown eggs from the new egg vendor. I cooked up some and made egg salad last night. So today I have egg salad for lunch - How bazaar is that piece of information!! :)

The flick last night I wanted to mention was a TV adaptation of "Great Expectations" - 1974 - starring Michael York as the adult Pip and Sarah Miles, James Mason, Robert Morley and Anthony Quayle. A very low key version of the Dickens novel. It was an adequate version but far from spectacular - for spectacular I would look to the David Lean version of the same title done in 1946. The 46 version is so far superior in acting, photography and adaptation it is almost a different story. But, as always these are just my humble opinions - if you like Dickens stick to the 46 version.

There you go sports fans!! Thank you for stopping by and for the kind comments yesterday!!!

Take care,


  1. Your stitchy is coming along beautifully!! I love the snaps you post of the Farmer's Market. The colors are always gorgeous :) Wouldn't they make great cross stitch patterns??? :) I've only prepared eggplant a couple times because they are a lot of work so the only dish I've made is eggplant Parmesan.

  2. OK, you do realize that if a herd of stitchers showed up to fix that balcony it would be done in about seven minutes.

    (And it would be really pretty, too!)

    Tell the contractor that if he doesn't get the lead out, he's going to have to deal with all of us, and it won't be pleasant.

    Bwa ha ha ha ha!

  3. Great pictures from the Farmers Market!

    TiTD is looking super especially the house!

  4. Oh I hope you get your balcony back faster than you think you will. What a bummer! Love your TitD -- that's a pidgeon on yours for sure! :D I love Dickens -- will have to check out that '46 movie you mentioned. Although I do love Michael York too.

  5. Dear Bitter,

    Drat it with the balcony business. But you have some lovely stitching happening, and that farmer's market looks great.

  6. Yum, yum! Now I want some Brussels Sprouts! As for your table, isn't it for two guests? What about Rico? I assume he's taking this in stride?

  7. Wow what a rainbow of colours at the market...

    Yor WIP is looking fab too

    Love to read what films you have been watching...I think I may have a Jane Austen night tonight :)with my JA stitching :)

    Hugs xx

  8. Don't ya just love landowners?! We had a bad icestorm here in MO. about 2 1/2 years ago.We were without power for 13 miserable days with temps at times below zero.Here it is 2 1/2 years later and we are still waiting on the landowners to fix the damage on the awning over the back patio.It's even rusting in places where the metal was ripped from the huge trees that fell! I love what Coni said about the herd of stitchers.Ain't it the truth?! TiTD is looking really well.What wonderful things you have at your local Farmer's Market.We didn't garden this year but our neighbor next door has given us some wonderful things from her garden.As if you weren't already tempting me enough talking about kettle korn,my word verification today is resse so now I'm also thinking about Reese's peanut butter cups.My favorite candy! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog today! Have a great rest of the day!

  9. I'm really enjoying your market pictures - lovely! Hopefully your balcony woes will be taken care of soon.

  10. Mmmm I want to go to your farmers market! Good luck with that balcony stuff. I hope it's finished soon. And TiTD is looking gorgeous!

  11. Love your Farmer's market pics...must be all the beautiful colors!