Monday, August 24, 2009

The Last Week of August begins...

Another fun weekend is over and here we are at the end of August - can you believe that summer is over and the best part of the year is almost here!! The Fall of the year is my favorite time of the year followed closely by Winter. Living here is this micro climate year round without much change in the weather it often feels wintry or fallish most of the time - and with the fog rolling in all summer long I forget that there are temps reaching into the 100's just 30 mins from the city - when I think of those roasting in the San Joachim Valley I thank my lucky stars I am here wearing shivering in a sweatshirt.

This weekend started off on a high note with dinner on Friday evening.... we ordered a pizza from one of our favorite places - Haystack Pizza -

Not only is this place about 2 mins from our house but they deliver!! Which means I don't have to take off my slippers or go out into the cold dark night!! This is what we usually order - the Haystack - and it was very tasty. Usually ordering on a Friday night it can take an hour or more to get a pizza from here but this one got to us in about 25 mins - I guess we hit it just right!!!

On Saturday we did our usual thing and ran around to the estate and garage sales - and here is my haul for the week end - will I never learn!! :)

As you can see it was a kitchen heavy collection this week - starting in the top left - I acquired a Pampered Chef Gingerbread House mold, a Blue Willow tray, a push potato masher, a fluted pastry wheel/ravioli cutter, a couple of tea diffusers, 3 Indian tree plates - a commemorative mug from 1969 when Prince Charles was made Prince of Wales, a cute little angle with a trumpet, a few little Christmas ornies - a Dr Seuss Book - leaning against the Blue Willow tray is a copy of a 10th Century Ivory Plaque - German - of "Christ in Majesty" - the original is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not too bad for not much cash. We spent the whole day out running around eventually we ended up in the mission so we stopped at Los Jallitos for a delicious lunch.

On Sunday morning we did our usual running around which includes a visit to the grocery store, gassing up the car and running the car through the car wash (at someone else's insistence as I could care less if the car ever got washed and think it is a waste of time, water and money - but I wont bitch and be bitter :) )

When we got home we checked on the last baby pidge since the mama stink eye and the two older babies where off some where pooping on something. Looking into the flower box we saw it was empty - now this baby is way to young to fly off since she still has her pin feathers and is fat but small - then all we could think of was she had fallen out..... I ran in the house and grabbed a big wire bamboo strainer thing and then downstairs to see if I could find her. She was cowering in the corner scared all to pieces. I slowly came up and she started flapping and peeping and running around .... so there I was chasing this crazy flapping peeping baby pidge around in the yard below our apartment. Eventually after trying to grab/trap/contain this frightened little bundle of feathers I got her cornered and picked her up and got her back into the box. She snuggled up tight against the box and seemed fine. Before I went off to bed I checked and the three other pidges where back and all crammed into the box - so all is well with the pidge family.

I did get some stitched on TiTD - here is a snap -

It is coming along just fine - It is a really nice stitch - sorry the picture is such crap - but it was late when I took the picture and the light was super bad.

I will leave off with the sampler for today - Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Take care,


  1. You sweet man...I can just envision you chasing the little pidge :) And then I envision all of the pidges "crammed" into the box....LOL! Thanks for a smile.
    You're sampler is LOVELY...
    And the I love all you varied and unique treasures from your sales :)
    But the thing that got my heart going pitter patter the most is that I sit drinking my protein shake trying not to think about food and then I see that and want to eat my arm...BOY does that look DELICIOUS! *gulp*

  2. What a good pidgeon step-dad you are!
    I envy your weekend- it looks perfect from start to finish!

  3. What a great weekend!! The sampler is coming along beautifully. Keep up the great work! And I so envy your weekends. Oh to have a peaceful one soon!

    Take care and chat soon!

  4. Oh, you're a Hero for rescuing the little pidge. (Although one day when you find pidge poop on your car you'd wonder...LOL)

    This is the day is looking great.

  5. Oh, Edgar--you are not just an extraordinary stitcher and collector, but you are our pidge hero!

    I echo Vonna's sentiments about the pizza, and I covet the gingerbread house mold!

  6. Oh, I have alll kinds of mental images going on now! I am glad you rescued the little one.
    Beautiful stitching Edgar and a great haul at the sales. I'm with you on the car washing front, it rains often enough here anyway, why waste money!
    Have a great week!

  7. Oh, Haystack pizza...I miss that. It's been years! Good job tracking down the pidge and "saving" it! You're a hero! :)
    Great progress on TitD. Yay!

  8. Love that gingerbread house pan!! And TiTD looks amazing!

  9. Oh wow! The poor baby pidgeon! You're so good to bring the poor thing back to its nest. I recently heard that all that about touching baby birds turning off the mother is totally untrue, and obviously that was the case here! Yay pidges! Love your estate purchases. I'm heavy into the whole English royalty thing. :D Anglophile at heart. TitD is looking good!

  10. Loved the pidge story. Great bargains and pretty stitching as usual. CJ ok;-)

  11. Your good deed, saving baby pidge. I am envisioning you running around with a strainer trying to catch the little one. :)
    Your stitching looks fabulous!
    Love all the goodies you picked up this weekend. A good haul I'd say.

  12. are such a dear to worry over those poor little babies like you do...they are very lucky to have you to save them from themselves! LOL!

    Great haul at the sales this weekend, lucky you...I had no luck at all in my neck of the woods. Maybe next week!!

    Progress on TiTD is looking make it look so easy and effortless!

    And that pizza, yummmmy!!!!! Until later...

  13. I love your WIP...that is going to be so pretty when you get it done. Good Progress.

  14. Bless you for rescuing that poor little baby!! I just looked out my window to the backyard because I was checking out the bird feeders to see if they needed filled and there was a sharp-shinned hawk standing on a sparrow!! EEEKKK!! Poor thing. There was nothing I could do. It was too late for me to rescue it :((

  15. Oh, Edgar!! Thank you for saving the baby pigeon! You are the BEST.

  16. You are a superstar Edgar! Hero to all our feathered friends! Ohhh, I love the gingerbread mold, I have a very small collection, a whopping 2 pieces! But, it will grow!
    Have a super day my friend!

  17. What a great babysitter you make! I'm so happy all ended well with the chick!

  18. That seals the deal - we're having pizza for dinner!! Yummy!!!!
    You're such a sweetie for saving the pidge! Due to your kindness, I'm sure you'll be free from pidgeon dropping attacks for the rest of your life!! :)
    I always enjoy seeing your latest stitching projects and your treasures too! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Golly, but this is GORGEOUS, Edgar! Make another one for me next! ;P

  20. What a fun weekend, Edgar! I love TitD; just gotta get the time to do it. Yours is looking wonderful! Great sale finds, too!

  21. God bless the Pidge Rescuer!!!

  22. That pizza looks so yummy!

    Looks like you found some great things at the estate sales.

    What would that baby pigeon have done with out you?

    Have a great week Edgar!

  23. I have the same PC gingerbread house mold. A friend gave it to me, she had bought it and never used it. I have had it two years and have not tried it out yet. Maybe we could have BAL bake-a-long one day. I have not found a recipe to use with it yet. i wonder if a basic gingerbread cookie recipe woud work?

  24. I wish we had estate sales like that around here! Great stuff! Your tray and plates are beautiful. God bless you for saving that baby pidge!! :)
    The sampler is looking lovely!

  25. Love the stuff that you picked up this weekend as always. I wouldn't have been able to pass up the Suess-isms book either.Thank you for adding my humble little blog to your list.'Tis an honor my new friend!

  26. omgosh Edgar! what a great thing you did .. and I have to admit that I'm still chuckling cause I can definately picture you trying to get BP .. good job!

    Soooo why didn't you take us to pizza when we were there??!!! shame on you! lol

    and I wannnnnnaaaa gooooo weekend shopping with you boys! You get the most fun things!

  27. You are going to love that Pampered Chef Gingerbread House mold. I have two of them (for when the 2 boys were young) and would never part them. I am wondering if you are going to use it? I have the recipe(s) that came with it and would gladly share. :)

    You are a good guy to take the time to tend to that little bird. :D