Monday, August 17, 2009

After a Lazy weekend....

..... should one be able to think or not???? GF&DR - both new and old
- welcome once again to my corner of blogland.

The weekend here in San Francisco was glorious - low 70's bright and sunny - no fog, no rain, no earthquakes (or at least none I could feel) :) - the little ones happen all the time but you never REALLY feel them!!

Saturday followed our usual pattern with the running around to different sales - We usually drive over to Dale's - he lives out in the Sunset district- and then hop in his jeep to tool around the city. Well, he had the top down on the jeep and it was so beautiful - needless to say that with the top down the four hairs on my head hardly protected my pate!! So here I am with red face/and scalp - can't wait for it to peel - how loeverly will that be!!! I really only thought about it for a second during the day as it is totally fun riding up and down the hills with the wind blowing and the sun shining.

One of the highlights of the day was visiting the 26th annual Alamo Square Yard sale - Once a Year the Alamo Square Home Owners Association has a yard sale around the square. Now you think, I don't know where that is in SF - but you really do - as one of the iconic snaps of the city happens there - you recognize this.......

I took this snap form the top of the square looking out to downtown with the painted ladies in the front - and without any people - this grassy area was just packed with folks - so I was lucky. We used to live on this square and walked the hounds in the park all the time - before moving to Noe Valley. Here is a snap of one of the attendees...

Her name is Jackie O. and isn't she a darling!! Here is a snap of the crowds.....

There were about a gazillin people and not many bargains. So we walked around and left to go have some lunch.

My estate/ garage sale haul for the day were these things....

I think the deal of the day was from a yard sale - and is the really cute Peter Rabbit Cookie jar I picked up for $3. I probably spent less than $10 for everything - The little tea pot - from a child's set I think - is really super and I think pretty old. The two DVD's I didn't have and wanted. We did pretty well over all - Dale got some really great deals on some pretty rare McCoy pieces - but it was just fun running around as always!!!

On the stitching front - Terri made a fob for the Sail Away SAL and I got mine in Friday's mail -

Isn't it great - I have hooked it to one of my favorite Dovo's. I just love the turtle on the end!! Thank you so much Terri!!!

I finished up an exchange and worked on the TiTD sampler - here is a snap of the sampler

This is working up nicely - now with the borders mostly done I can get the middle part started.

I did want to announce that we finally have our balcony back - it only took a short 7 months to get done but it is back. Rico threw his back out moving the Norfolk Pine back out - but he was determined to get things in order. I will leave you with a family snap of the pidges....

It is a crappy snap as I had to take it through the window but you can see the two older babies and the mama stink eye (with the white spot on her nose) sitting on the one baby left. It is pretty funny to see them all out there, but they are our pack of city chickens!!

Mel is having a super Blogiversary Giveaway -

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I will have the book drawing tonight and announce the winner in the morning so do check back!!

Thank you all for stopping by and for your kind comments.

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  1. I just love the Peter Rabbit cookie jar! One of my all time favroite stories.I can hardly wait each week to see what your weekend haul brought your way.I have hardly been to any sales this summer.Shame on me!

    Poor Rico! I hope his back is better soon.We went camping Thursday-Saturday and mine went out too.It's better though.

    Take care,

  2. Edgar, You're correct - that IS one of the iconic pics of San Fran. I would love to visit those painted ladies one day! The weather sounds perfect, also. Here in Maine we are experiencing a terribly humid heat wave.

    Beautiful snaps of your stitching, the lovely fob, your finds, and, of course, the pigeon family. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Do you watch Mad Men? With your taste in old movies, you may find the 60's aesthetic appealing...

  3. Peeling scalps aren't much fun, but riding around "topless" on a gorgeous day is worth it IMHO.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. Love seeing what you picked up this weekend. Nice WIP -- and I think I put my fob from Terri on the same pair of scissors as you. :D

  5. Looks and sounds like you guys had a great time. The cookie jar is really cute and your TITD is looking good too!

  6. Oh, it looked like such a lovely weekend. Love seeing the Painted Ladies again. They are even more beautiful in person.
    That yard sale looked like such fun. Glad you found some treasures.