Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Post for Tuesday

I just read through the comments - everyone is so nice and I do thank you for the kind thoughts and words. It makes the morning a little brighter!!

The new start of TiTD from JCS - I forgot tot look to see what issue last night, I will tonight - was just a me pulling some colours together - I started with the list and used some floss suggestion from a conversion I saw on another blog. At the moment I can not for the life of me remember which one. I also didn't like the bright orangey of what I think are pomegranates around the edge and I used a brick colour that makes them look more like what I think they are - and I could be way off on fruit identification so don't quote me!! I make changes all the time in projects - especially if I don't like the colour floss that is being used.

Last night I was stitching away at my AEoL RR piece - I had chosen Blueberry Soup HDF silk for the body of the piece with some red accents. I was totally happy with that - before I started to stitch. I was stitching away and the more ground I covered the more I did not like what I was doing. Now this is a medium sized piece and I need to be happy with what I stitch and the end product once it gets back home - and I wasn't. I stopped after putting in three bits and put that sucked down and stared at it for the longest time. I went off and made some dinner and all the while kept looking over at the piece....... I finally figured out what the problem was - the first time I saw this was as a multi coloured piece and so I think that is what may have been wrong and what in my mind it needed to be - I went and pulled some of the recommended over dyed flosses and some replacement ones and tonight I will make the final colour choices and get what I need and just be happy about it!! I usually like monochromatic Quaker pieces but I am going polychromatic on this one - it will be a more interesting stitch and the end product will look super - fingers crossed!

Melissa over at Musings from a Three Bedroom House had some very thought provoking questions. There are 6 of them and I think I will answer a couple of easy ones today and the rest throughout the week.

Question 1. Why do I stitch - I think I stitch because it is very relaxing and at this point I can;t think of myself not stitching. Although my Mom does x-stitch and needlepoint - I didn't learn to stitch until I was in College. I was sharing a house with a stitcher and she taught me. I started off with needlepoint things and migrated over to x-stitch. Back then (the late 80's) I was only using Aida and DMC as that was all I knew existed. Then I dropped it altogether for about 15 years. A few years ago I got back into it and found out about linen, over dyed flosses and silk. Now I find it hard to be sitting down and not stitching something or working on a project.

Question 2. On a scale from 1-10 with 1 being least important and 10 being most important what is your cross stitch passion level? I think my level would be at 10 pushing on 11. I really can't see myself ever not stitching on something.

More answers to questions to come.....

The flicker last night was "Mogambo" - 1953 - starring Clark Gable, Eva Gardner and Grace Kelly. An African adventure film with gorillas and some pretty poor rear projection. Enjoyable and interesting love triangle, but if you are looking for a superior Africa adventure film stick to "African Queen" - 1951 - with Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.

That wraps it up for today sports fans!! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I'm going to try to get my hands on This is the Day. Must find that issue or die trying! :)

    What great questions! I look forward to hearing more!

  2. Just getting around to reading Monday's post! My computer seems to run 24-48 hours behind the rest of the world. What a beautiful Russian church. I love icons, especially those featuring the Romanov Imperial Family. I have two so far, both from Norway of all places.
    Your new start is lovely. I'll have to search my JCS back-issues for that one.

  3. I did the same thing recently with Beatrix Potter Sampler. I got fabric and floss at my LNS and couldn't wait to start. When I had the 3rd motif done I looked at it and was not pleased with the colors!! I let it sit for a couple days and kept going back to it and looking at it and it just did not make me "smile" (know what I mean??), so I frogged it all and now I have a blank canvas to start all over. Thank God that doesn't happen too often, but I just couldn't continue with it because I wasn't enjoying it :) I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet. I've had other projects to finish and a quilted wall hanging to put together for our bedroom. One of these days the right color will strike me and I'll know that's the one :)

  4. What wonderful questions and answers! I can't wait to read more! I love thought provoking things like that!

  5. Fun post! I'm looking forward to our Sail Away SAL. I'm getting ready to post our first assignment. You will have to check it out!
    Thanks for joining us!

  6. It's pretty encouraging that a pro such as yourself still has to frog and re-do, Edgar! I'm inspired to "never settle" in stitching, now!

  7. I love the movie African Queen. It was my Mom's favorite. I also have a hard time sitting down without something to stitch / do.

  8. I'm a "mis-placed hooker" - who is slightly turning away from rug hooking to cross-stitch after many years of having a bad back and hooking seems to aggravate it. I love to hook, but I also love to x-stitch.

    Shamefully, I am hanging my head.....and wondering where there is a glossary for all the initials you use! Ha!!! I love seeing all the x-stitch blogs and the gorgeous work being done. It's a far cry from stitching 25 years ago! Edgar - I love your stories too!