Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Posting

GR&&DF - Thank you so much for your very kind and supportive comments!! I am far from a hero regarding Baby Pidge - I think anyone would and could change the course of events that were playing out in BP's life.

Each one of us, I believe, have to make 100's of decisions during our lives - be they big or small - and we can choose when making those decisions to make our little parts of the world better or not - I try to make things better where I can. I didn't even tell you that I am such a sucker for that baby pidge and her trauma - and I thought the mama would abandoned her - I went a ground up a piece of bread and poured it at one end pf the box. It got eaten by someone - probably one of the first BP's since they are still hanging around - I don't think it was the new baby - as I still see Stink Eye sort of hacking up tasty bits from here nether regions. When I looked in yesterday the bread crumbs where all gone. I immediately went and ground up another slice of bread. When I tried to slowly slide the window open - the baby pidge started peeping and a hopping around and then swoop.... in came the Mama Stink Eye just a flapping and flying around - I never even saw her until then - there is gratitude for you. I closed the window and have just left the family alone. In the comments it was mentioned about the pidge poops - I tell you, if the car didn't have at least one plop on it somewhere all the time it would be a miracle!!

Carol mentioned the gingerbread house mold and recipe - I found a copy of it online here. I think I might just try out this recipe some time over the holidays as it seems very easy and straight forward.

I really didn't do much stitching last night - I finished up an exchange piece.
So there are no snaps at all in today's posting. :(

I did see quite a few movies over the weekend. A couple of WWII flickers where especially good. The first was "Back to Bataan" - 1945 - starring John Wayne, Anthony Quinn and Beulah Bondi. A really good film about the Philippine resistance during the Japanese occupation. This was John Wayne's first war film and he and Beulah are superb in their rolls. I totally enjoy Beulah every time I see her. She is best know for her roll as Ma Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life", 1946. Don't get me started on "Wonderful Life" as it is one of my favorite top 10 movies of all time!! The second war flicker was "Across the Pacific" - 1942 - starring Humphrey Bogart, Sydney Greenstreet and Mary Astor. This companion piece to the "Maltese Falcon" is a total war propaganda film that takes place of the eve of Pearl Harbor but in the Panama Canal Zone and not Hawaii. I had never heard of this film and really enjoyed it. Although not quite up to the "Maltese Falcon" it is very good at the espionage and spy thing. The last film I will mention is "The Reluctant Debutant" - 1958 - starring Rex Harrison, Kay Kendell, Angela Landsbury and Sandra Dee. A really fun film directed by Vincente Minnelli. Rex and Kay are delightful to watch as they move through the "problems" of the London Season and launching Sandra Dee into society.

There you sports fans!! - Thank you for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. The story of the pidges reminds me of when we kept having a nest of robins on our front porch light a few years ago.For about 3 or 4 years we had a robin that would build her nest ( or maybe not the same one) on top of our front porch light.We'd watch the babies grow and fly away.Then one year there was no nest and there hasn't been one since.We were disappointed.I had forotten about it until I started reading your posts about the pidgeons.There must be a cardianl nest around here somewhere close because we have seen a family of cardinals in the backyard. I'd love to know where they are.Thanks for sharing!

  2. I still think you were wonderful to save that baby pidgeon. :D I'll have to tell my son about those war movies. He's heavy into WWII movies.

  3. How strange that your story of baby pidge coincides with what happened here on Sunday. I glanced out of our French doors while having breakfast and thought - what's that 'lump' in the garden. Went out to check and yes a baby pidge. It must have fallen or been pushed out of the nest which seems much too tiny to hold two of these fat little birds plus mama too. We left it alone all day and decided to call the RSPCA (Humane Society) on Monday but by Monday morning it had disappeared! I'd like to think that Mama and Papa came to the rescue and that it was not eaten by our neighbourhood fox!

  4. Edgar...face it...you have a heart of gold! Most people think they are just rats with wings (oh no, not me)! You ole' softy you! LOL!

    We have hummingbirds out the wazoo at our house (about 10-12 right now)...I constantly have to save them from the pesky wasps who like the sugar water too. They actually try to sting the hummingbirds. So, like you...I do what I can...

    Glad you enjoyed your movie choices...they sound quite interesting!


  5. You have such a good heart:)
    Just catching up after 2 weeks and you've posted so many tasty pics...food and stitching!! The pizza is screaming my name...but I'd better go for the veggies;) Have a great week Edgar!!