Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday go to Market

GR&DF - once again you brighten my day with your kind comments!!! I do thank you for your indulgence of my dip into the cup that is insanity -
but you just have to break loose every now and then. :)

Today is the Farmers Market - which means farm fresh veggies and fruits and I was told this morning to get some more Kettle Korn - so I better not come home without a bag!!

Not too much going on yesterday -
a visit to Trader Joe's last night and dinner a la Micky Dee's - so quick, so easy.

The flicker for the evening was a big star studded "drama" - "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" - 2004 - starring Kathy Bates, Harvey Keitel, Robert De Niro, F Murray Abraham, Geraldine Chaplin - a beautifully photographed and gorgeously costumed film - I think it fell far short of where it could have gone. It was very slow paced, I think building to the climax that was more fizzle than pop. The narrator was Gabriel Byrne as a Jesuit Priest investigating a rope bridge accident - I can't say too much as anything said would end up being a spoiler. I will say that for a rainy afternoons viewing or just to see Kathy Bates in this film it is worth the trouble. I enjoyed it but would not go out of my way to see it again.

I also worked on TiTD - again on the lawn - here is a pretty boring snap -

That lump is where the tree will sprout. Tonight I will probably start on part three of Sail Away, but then again I may just finish out the lawn on TiTD - who knows what the mood will be in 12 hours....... such mystery.

There you go sports fans - a shortish post today -
Thank you again for the kind comments and stopping by!

Take care,


  1. Wow, I didn't even know they made The Bridge of San Luis Rey into a movie in 2004. I was just contemplating reading the book the other day. I may have to check the movie out, even if it's slow in spots. Interesting! I like your TitD!

    I just barely finished part 2 of Sail Away in time last night. Now on to part 3! lol!

  2. yummmm... now I have a craving for kettle corn. Nice stitching update as well.

  3. You've got me wanting to make a trip to Trader Joes! TiTD is coming along beautifully! I love this project!

  4. Duuuuhhhhh. It took me until today to figure out that GR and DF means "Gentle Readers" and "Dear Friends". Is there a remeidial class or somthing I can take to bring me up to speed with the rest of yous?

    Stitching: Fabulous. As always.
    Movie reviews: I now have three pages of titles to order from NetFlix thanks to you-know-who.

    Woo Hoo!

  5. Man, I don't know If I could ever get through stitching something as tedious as that grass! My hat's off to you, Sir!

  6. I like blocks of a pattern such as the grass in TitD.I like being able to trek along for awhile without looking at the pattern.However it can take awhile to fill it all in.I hear about Trader Joe's from time to time from other people.The nearest one to us is about a 5 hour drive so guess who's staying home!LOL!Iam trying to lose weight,stop talking about kettle corn! Just kidding!

  7. You have reminded me of two things I miss very much....Trader Joe's when I was in Boston, MA for 6 months and the Wednesday farmer's market I went to while living in PA. My Dad took my brother and I there every week as kids and I toted my kids there as well. Wish we had those things here in KY.

    Your stitching is beautiful as usual...I love variegated floss, don't you?