Friday, October 25, 2013

Wrapping up the Week

Gentle Friends so sorry to have not posted in a couple of days - a little "out of sorts" at this end  - I'll wrap up the week with a few snaps...... an update snap of "Feast"....

.... still working on the house, I changed one of the over dyed flosses in the roof so that the squares would pop a bit more.  The called for flosses were so dang close in colour that they all started to blend into one golden lump, and that just wasn't working for me.......I got a birthday prezzie from my friend Dale in NC......

..... a super t-shirt from the Ayden Collard Festival, it's the official Collard Festival of NC, and a cap from East Carolina, Go Pirates!!!!!  I love me some collard greens, and for those that don't know what a collard green is...... and there are some....HERE's a bit of info.

.......... and a shot of two of the Who Hounds from this morning......

 ........  it's the Wahumpa and Miss Lolly....

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!  Have a super weekend!

Take Care,


  1. Nice birthday hat.....not something I was ever expecting to see on a stitchers blog, especially one that lives on the west coast, but my son works for ECU athletics. Go Pirates!!!

  2. I REALLY like the Feast of Friendship, I may have to hunt it down to stitch for myself!

  3. Your WIP is looking great so far. I hope you guys have a great weekend.... Love me some collards ;)

  4. Hope you're feeling better :)

    The house roof looks great with the substitute color.

    I'm not from the south (I'm from MI originally...the land of the bland, as a friend use to say about our cooking..haha) but I do love collards. I think I learned to like them when I lived in SC (Myrtle Beach) several years ago.

    Have a good weekend. I'll miss your posts :(

  5. Love your stitching.. :) The Who Hounds are adorable!

    Gosh, I never even thought about people not knowing what collards were….or grits, or boiled peanuts…dang, they are really missing out! :)

    Blessings always

  6. Love your changes on Feast of Friendship. Looks fantastic!

  7. Lovely progress, and fun present from your friend too! Love those who hounds!

  8. The Woo Hounds are too cute! What a nice Southern gift! I am thinking of doing that design. I love your roof. Would you share the colors you used? It looks so good.

  9. Edgar,

    I love your color changes on Feast. You will have to share them. I hope you and Rico have a great weekend. Do you have any baking planned?

  10. Gorgeous progress on Harvest. Have a great weekend!

  11. I love collards and cooked up a bunch of them just last week. Cooked mine with some salt pork diced tiny this time with salt and pepper and a little vinegar in the water. Love your latest piece. Great colors and the changes in colors for the roof has worked out real well.

  12. Dearest Edgar: I hope you are feeling better soon, your progress is looking great I to change colors sometimes.
    Happy Halloween.

  13. Hope you are soon feeling much better. A nice birthday gift.

  14. My mom swears they don't taste as good until they've had a frost or two. Do you think so, too? I try to tell her to pop them in the 'frig, but she says it's not the same! The roof line is good, and the blue, too.