Tuesday, October 29, 2013

If it's Tuesday, it Must be Cake Day!!

Gentle Friends, it's cake day.....  even though I've not posted much about baking recently, I've still been at it on Sunday afternoons.......a few weeks I wanted to try a new recipe so I pulled out one of the cookbooks from my overloaded "cookbook shelf."    The book I found is called "The Church Supper Cookbook" by David Joachim, it is a collection of 400 Potluck Recipes.  Its also a cookbook that I have found lots of tasty things to make so I knew I would find something interesting and good!!

  I chose to make "the Bohemian Coffee Cake" and what this cake has to do with Bohemia is beyond me, but it was a good cake and here's a snap......

...... full of spices, nuts and coconut we really enjoyed this cake as did our co-workers!!

This past Sunday I pulled a recipe from on line at AllRecipe's - another Fall treat.....  Cranberry Upside-Down Coffee Cake.  The snap of the cake on-line shows a much lighter coloured cake than mine, and I figured that's due to the use of light brown sugar by the original poster, I used dark brown sugar (my preference)...... and here's a snap......

.....  I think this cake of the two I like a little better.  I think the reason being that you get a sour/sweet taste with the use of cranberries and the cake is really light - the recipe calls for this to be served warm, and with a cup of tea would be just perfect fro Thanksgiving Morning!!!!

Talking about Thanksgiving, even if the calendar didn't tell me it was coming around I would know by just looking at my "ever blooming" Christmas Cactus......

..... I took this snap yesterday afternoon, this sucker seems to bloom about every 4 months or so, and we do enjoy the salmon coloured blossoms.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Both cakes look wonderful but I'm really anxious to try the Cranberry Upside Down one. I have a Cranberry Casserole that everyone in my family loves. I usually make it at Thanksgiving and Christmas. My sister likes it so much she takes the leftovers and will top her oatmeal with it for breakfast the next morning. Thank you so much for putting the link to the recipe! Your cactus is beautiful too. I'm so jealous. I have one on my dining room table but no blooms.

  2. Dearest Edgar: I love looking at both cakes however I am trying to lose a few pounds, or should I say lots of pounds, I plan on finding cake recipes that are a little less fattening, I love your catus it is stunning.
    Happy Halloween

  3. Great looking cakes, but that Christmas cactus is breathtaking! I only need to be near a Christmas cactus & it dies so I've given up on trying to grow them, but I do love them : )

  4. Great looking cakes, Edgar. The cactus is really pretty.

  5. Gosh, I haven't had breakfast yet and I want me some of those cakes!!! The Bohemian one looks and sounds especially yummy.

    Every time I see a blooming cactus I ask myself why I don't keep one! Yours is looking great in bloom!

  6. Your cakes look yummy!

    Beautiful Christmas cactus too.

  7. Yum! You always make such yummy things :)

    The blooms are very pretty…love that is blooms every four months.

    Blessings always

  8. Oh yes, the cranberry upside down cake looks really good....I will try. My 37 year old Cactus likes to be a halloween cactus. It summers outside and gets brought inside in september, always a surprise that it blooms so early.

  9. Oh my gosh! You are such a tempting baker. lol! I have to get that cookbook -- I always have trouble deciding what to make for potluck suppers. As for the cakes, anything with frosting is a hit with me. lol!Your xmas cactus is spectacular!

  10. Yummy cake :)
    Beautiful blooms..big hugs and love x

  11. The cranberry upside down cake looks like it would be so yummy. Your cactus must be very happy!

  12. Your baking looks so yummy! Also, how lucky you are to have the ability to grow that beautiful blooming Christmas cactus. I hope mine blooms this year...

  13. Both cakes look delicious. I would like a slice of each for Thanksgiving morning. hehehehe

  14. So does cake day always come before hump day? Woo hoo! These both look amazing. You Christmas cactus is a lovely color.

  15. What a lovely cactus, you must have green fingers!