Wednesday, October 16, 2013

French Food - C'est Magnifique!!!

Gentle Friends I think to bridge the Trip Journal from Brittany to Paris I'll pop the "Food" post in here.  I tried to get snaps of things we ate and places we ate them, but sometimes I forgot or got busy.... so here are some gastronomic treats.....

For lunch in Treguier, it was a damp dark day - we went here......

 ... a very good restaurant with pretty high ratings and a very few tables.... get there early, because once Madame Laurent has filled the tables, mostly two tops, she graciously turns people away, and I watched during our meal her turn away dozens of folks.....  I had.....

 ... a "Salade Terroir" ( a salad made of things from the area) - on a bed of shredded lettuce was a warm salad of potatoes, different bits of sausage, meats and lardon, crumbled egg, tomatoes and a delicious warm dressing and a really nice beer.

That evening we stopped in Lannion for dinner here.....

 ..... and I had......

.... Galette Jambon, Fromage... Brittany is know for these "ble noir" - or buckwheat - galettes (crepes) - I really fell in love with these and had them a few times!!  This one is full of ham and cheese, and the cheese of choice in Brittany is emmental cheese - and as you can see I choose a light beer to go with it - delicious!!

At Mount Saint-Michel for lunch we stopped in an outdoor cafe over looking the sea in the old city, it was really pretty, but a bit cool.....  I had....

... a beer and a traditional Breton omelette, all whisked egg, light and delicious with a crispy outer shell.  They are made in long handled pans over an open flame oven, whether this was made over an open flame, I have my doubts, but it was delicious!!  I loved the Coke ad place mat.  One of my friends with me had these for lunch....

.... lovely steamed muscles with pomme frites.

I love Fruits de Mer, and since Brittany is surrounded by the sea being a peninsular I had lots of opportunity to have some...... in Saint-Malo we stopped here for lunch....

... located across from the Chateau Saint-Malo on the town Square, we had a lovely lunch and it was a super spot for some great people watching.....  I shared this...

..... sweet and juicy raw oysters, lip smackin'..... and for the main course....

... seared scallops, and my usual beer.  It was a delicious sea food lunch.

In Vannes, I had to have another ble noir Gallette.......  this time ......

....... it was a Gallette Complet... Jambon, fromage and an oeuf, delicious!!!!   - and my usual light beer, there were some really tasty beers in Brittany!!!

One evening to celebrate birthdays - there were two of us celebrating - we went to dinner in the old town of Perros-Guirec here, La Cremaillere, in the heart of the old town of P-G........

..... notice that the restaurant is attached to our boulangerie......and for dinner I had......

.... this really delicious scallop dish in a brown sauce with mushrooms and lardon.

In Rennes, we stopped for lunch in Place Rallier du Baty, there were quite a few cafes and restaurants in the large open square, we chose to eat outside here.......

....... and all they did were things with the "ble noir" (buckwheat) gallettes.....  I had this delicious sandwich....

...... a croque monsieur (grilled ham a cheese sandwich with bechamel sauce) with pommes frites and instead of my usual light beer I had a beer made from the "ble noir", really a very tasty lunch indeed!!!

For my last dinner in Perros-Guirec we ate outside on the terrace overlooking the sea and had this scrumptious dinner....

.... a cold shrimp dinner.  Now, I have eaten lots of shrimp in my time all different kinds and these are by far some of the most delicious, they are buttery and soft and they were so fresh, having been caught and cooked that morning, you just can't beat it for a wonderful ending to the first half of the trip!!!!!

I left the next day, flying out of Brest for Paris and arrived in the afternoon.  That evening after walking around a bit I opted for an easy dinner.  Down the street from where I was staying was a Pizza place called Giovanni......

......  I had the Quatre Fromage Pizza....

.....  the four cheeses were, mozzarella, parmesan, brie and another cheese I forget.  It was a nice pizza, with a thin crispy crust - with my beer I was perfectly happy!!

One of the things I always try and do when I travel is try out a local McDonald's.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how different they all are.  This time I tried one for lunch near the Sorbonne.  Here's a snap of my lunch....

..... this time it was a fish sandwich (it was alright) and you got the choice of regular "french fries" or these "pommes" - sort of potato wedges ( better than FF) with a not very good ranch dipping sauce. 

Every morning I stopped off at a different cafe in whatever area that I was going to tour, on my way to the Carnavalet Museum I stopped for a morning bite.....

... a cappuccino, with a buttered baguette and jam, it was a bit late and they had run out of croissant and pain au chocolat, but this baguette hit the spot.  The reason I stopped in this cafe was for the view from my little sidewalk table.....

... was the Hotel de Ville, Paris' City Hall.  I have always loved this building and having it be my view during "le petit dejeuner" was a treat!!

I was hot and tired by the last evening of my trip so for my last dinner in Paris I wanted something quick and easy.....

.... and I do love sushi.  I had seen these "Sushi Ba" all over the Paris, Rennes and I think i saw one in Vannes, they are mainly a delivery service for sushi.  I wanted to sit down and the one that was really close to my hotel had a little dinning room that I could sit in and watch the frantic delivery guys coming and going with bags of sushi.  The sushi was just alright, I have had better, but it was quick and there was Sapporo beer with it so I couldn't complain too much.

That about wraps up the food portion of the trip.  Thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I'm loving all your travel photos, but I think the food is my favorite so far! Everything looked wonderful! You've convinced me tp put off trading in my car for a year and save for travel instead.

  2. C'est Magnifique indeed! A feast for the eyes and tummy! I love how in Europe they serve beer in glasses with the names on them. When I went to Germany I noticed they did that too. Looks like a grand time! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a wonderful trip.

    The food pics make my mouth water.

  4. Yum, yum....such wonderful delights to keep your energy levels up for visiting the places you have shared with us.

  5. Oh my gosh! Your food posts are always trouble for me, but this one especially. Wow! Everything looks delicious! I love scallops! Never had gallettes like that before -- they look so delicious! Thanks for sharing. Yum!

  6. Thanks for the foody tour! I just finished reading Julia Child's "My Life in France," so these pics made my day. Bon appetit!

    Cynthia M.

  7. Wow! What awesome adventures you've had. Thanks for taking us along. :)

    Blessings always

  8. Your photos are amazing! Maybe you can re-create some of your favorite meals and share the recipes with your loyal followers?!?

  9. Yayy, I have been waiting for the foodie post LOL

  10. I a suddenly very hungry and nothing in my kitchen remotely resembles anything on your post!!

  11. So many charming places to eat and the food looks wonderful!

  12. WOW! just WOW!
    I got to hungry I could go downstairs to the kitchen and make a raid (and it's almost 5 AM!).
    make sure you stop by to an Italian McDonalds at some point, we have these insanely good fries that for some unexplicable reason are sold only here, they're called "Miami Fries".

  13. I am very hungry now. Love Croque Monsieurs.