Monday, November 29, 2010

A Wonderful Thanksgiving!!

GR&DF I hope this finds you all doing well after the long weekend!!

Starting last Wednesday evening after running errands for most of the day - I finished up cleaning the crystal for the Thanksgiving Table -

I found and set out my turkeys - I love my paper turkeys - they add quite a bit of colour !! I usually only haul out my grandmothers crystal for big dinners and Thanksgiving is a "big" dinner in my book - and - I was having my family in so I wanted it all to look nice!! I also hauled out a ton of the flatware and polished that stuff up. The table sparkled so! I knew that my sister was bring two delicious pies - a pumpkin (no snap due to it getting gobbled up really fast!!) and a Marionberry...

If you ever get a chance to taste a pie from Lee Farms - you should as they are really delicious!!!! I also knew that another guest was bringing a delicious ice cream pie so there was no need for me to make any other desert - but I got a wild hair and had to have a cake. So, I got the stuff together....

I also had a nice little mug of the old eggnog, and what is a little extra nog to keep it all festive!!! Here is a snap of the cake ....

It was super easy and went over big time with everyone!! I will post the recipe on BB this week.

Another thing I tried making this year were diner rolls. I do know why but I really have no luck with them... this year was a bit different- I found an easy bread machine recipe and they turned out great - here is a snap of them on the rise...

They got really big but where pretty tasty, if I do say so myself!!

Here we all are sitting down to the first course - Virginia Peanut Soup -

and here is a snap of the table after dinner.........

What a mess!! We where all full and ready for naps!!

This ends part one of the weekend - thanks for stopping by, stop by tomorrow for the second part of the weekend!!

Take care,


  1. Love the paper turkeys. The pie and cake look good - Yummmm. Glad you had a great weekend.

  2. It all looks good and your cake looks scrumptious!!

  3. It sounds like everyone there made wonderful memories - mission accomplished!!! Beautiful table, beautiful food, beautiful people - :)

  4. Good grief - did you eat the flowers too????
    Glad to have you back - I've missed reading your blog. Irene

  5. Your table looks lovely with all the shiny crystal and the beautiful roses. The desserts sound yummy. Glad you had a fun day!

  6. Looks wonderful! What great Thanksgiving pics! Glad you had a good one!

  7. Love the paper turkeys. Can you please post your dinner roll recipe also over at your other blog, pretty please :)

  8. Edgar: wow what a beautiful table setting I love antique dinner ware. Your cake looks very yummy I just vidited your cooking blog and will come back again to get your cake recipe.
    I love Thanksgiving its so American.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  9. I know your table was lovely. It's nice to know that some still use the crystal & silver! Be sure to include all of your recipes on your bake blog.

  10. Looks like you had a lovely dinner with great company!
    Can't wait for the cake recipe...

  11. I love those paper turkeys! I remember having some growing up- wish I still had them. The cake looks yummy.Peanut soup? This New Englander has to go goole that! NancyinNY

  12. Happy Thanksgiving!! Looks sparkely and nice... paper turkeys are cool - I have a couple of paper pumpkins.

  13. Seems like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your cake looks scrumptious!

  14. You had me at Marionberry pie (mmm)

    Wonderful gathering, Happy Thanksgiving :o)

  15. Happy Thanksgiving! You make the most luscious looking cakes.

  16. Gosh darnit Edgar!! Everytime I see all your guest sitting down to the T-day feast, I want to jump in there and eat too :) Not to mention pinch Rico's cheeks...he just always looks so happy :)

  17. What a pretty table setting! It looks like you all have a wonderful, tasty Thanksgiving. The cake looks yummy.


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