Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Part II

GR&DF thank you for your very kind comments - you're the best!!

The day after Turkey Day we usually spend going or visiting in the city or doing something as a group. This year they all wanted to get out of the city and take a little road trip. We had talked about what might be fun and doable - and eventually narrowed it down to driving along the PCH US 1 south and visiting Santa Cruz.

We started off with a delicious breakfast at Louis' at Point Lobo. With some beautiful views of a very calm Pacific Ocean we had a great breakfast and then it was off on the days adventure.

Driving along the coast was just great. It was a beautiful day and not much traffic. We made it to Santa Cruz early enough that there were very few people about. We walked along the beach Boardwalk (more Santa Cruz Boardwalk INFO) and to the Arcade...

Inside this great old building are lots of shops and a video game arcade.

Matt and John are both video game fanatics and really enjoyed all there was to do. They even had a "historic" corner for those of us who where around in the early days of the video game...

I remember when this was a really popular game. Now it is consigned to a dusty corner.

We left the arcade and walked along the beach and to the Pier.

It is hard to see in this snap but this is the Pier looking from the Arcade Building. There are lots of restaurants and shops out on this Pier. You can drive out on it and there is parking all along the length of it.

Looking back at the park from the Pier.

Walking along the Pier you find this great old fishing boat, you also see

Tanks of Dungeness crabs

There was even this great old 1935 Ford Woody parked out on the Pier.

This is looking back down the Pier towards the beach - you can see that there were very few people out there with us.

We walked back to the park and John and the kids road some of the rides. Then it was back to the city.

We drove over to the Mission to Taqueria El Farolito - a hole in the wall small place that serves some very delicious Burritos. There a re few of these el Farolitos around but this one seems to turn out the best food consistently!!

That about wraps up Thanks giving and our adventures. Thanks for stopping by, do come again!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar, thanks for sharing your holiday! It looks like a wonderful time. I can't wait to see what you have planned for 2011 stitching.

  2. Looks like a great time. That is when I like to go to Santa Cruz, when there is hardly anyone around. I will have to check out that restaruant you mentioned next time I go up to the city.
    Take Care and stay warm :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip Edgar. The first time I was in SF we made a road trip to Santa Cruz so your pictures brought back good memories. I remember eating fish-n-chips(fries) on the pier and watching the seals in the water!

  4. What a great day trip! I Googled
    'Santa Cruz' and noticed that you went near Big Basin Redwood State Park. Have you visited there? The
    photos look amazing!
    I am glad you enjoyed your time with your sister & family.

  5. Ooo sun. I am so envious: sun and a beach and a lovely wooden car: I drive a Morris Minor Traveler so am a fan of wooden cars lol. Her name is Daisy rofl. Thank you for sharing your lovely Thanksgiving with us: it is nice to see how lovely it is. Should be compulsory world over xxxx

  6. Some day I'm going to make it to your beautiful state! Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us here.
    Yes....I remember when Space Invaders was popular. Back in the day I would walk down to the local sub shop/hang out and play that and Pac-Man. GREAT TIMES!!


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