Friday, November 12, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Stuff

GR&DF thank you all for your kind comments on the previous post. It is nice to get away and see other things and places....but.... the best part of a getting away is the coming back home and getting back to a normal routine. I had all sorts of hope of getting a post yesterday, but Rico's appointment with the Doctor in the morning sort of threw everything out of whack. He is recovering just fine and will be in the walking boot for another few weeks and then go into some physical therapy and strength training.

Lets start off with the HOE Fall Exchange piece I received from Ina. It was waiting here for me and was a great way to start off getting back to work. Here is a snap -

She made me a super Fall pillow using a wonderful Freebie from Gazette94 - I just love it!! The variegated floss is so very "fallish" and the sweet acorn pin cushions are just darling. Thank you so much Ina!!! If you have not visited Gazette94 there are some really wonderful freebies and stitching pieces.

I also heard form my HOE partner that the piece I made for her had arrived and here is a snap of that piece -

I made a Pyn Keepe from a chart by Mary Garry - Seasonal Mementos - November. I used a piece of mystery over dyed linen and the recommended DMC floss. I have wanted to do this one up for the longest time and knew this was a perfect opportunity. The pumpkin fabric it is on I used for the backing material.

Now a trip report - there really is not too much to talk about. It was relaxing and wonderful to see my Mom. I got in on Wednesday and it was very warm/muggy/humid in Orlando . Wednesday and Thursday evening/nights there were some terrific rain storms over the Daytona area. The weather cooled way down after that and was just great. Cool and windy, just like here in San Francisco - I loved that!! On Friday afternoon we went downtown and set up for the Halifax Art Festival, my Mom was the Chairman of the Book Booth (where Museum Guild members donated books are sold) - it is a nice money maker for the organization and the cost to run it is minimal. Then on Saturday and Sunday we where there all day long selling books. I did get a chance to walk around the Festival a couple of times - there was some really spectacular pieces being shown!!

I did get to Hobby Lobby - we don't have one out here so a visit was on my list!! I ate a bunch of delicious Dustin's BBQ!! I got some Angell and Phelps dark chocolate and some Tupelo Honey to bring back. One of the places I always visit when home or near one....

The love affair with Waffle House is still strong - and instead of my usual pecan waffle's I opted for for a regular breakfast....

...toasted biscuit, grits, sausage, eggs and some good old WH coffee!! Now you just can't beat that with a stick!!! One other thing I stopped off for and is on its way to me in my FedEx box of treats is 4 pounds of grits!! Not just any grits but Dixie Lilly grits. That is the one thing I really miss not being able to get out here - are Dixie Lilly products.

Even though I am not a beach person I did make it to the beach - it was such a lovely day...

I drove a little north of the Granada approach and parked for free in a small Beach parking lot and walked onto the Beach. These are the rules.....

here is the walkway....

it was beautifully calm and the tide was turning and going out. So there were lots of birds looking for snacks....

and some really great ripply lines in the sand....

while I was there a flock of pelicans flew by.... and that was the most that happened. There were about 4 other people that walked by so the whole beach was deserted and mine, a great relaxing time. I rolled up my pants and waded out a bit and the water was on the cool side.

There you go - the trip was relaxing and a nice break!!

I think that about wraps it up for today sports fans. i am slowly trying top work my way through all the Blog Posts I missed. Thanks for stopping by and do stop by again!!

Take care,


  1. I live in Florida and haven't been able to find Dixie Lily grits for a couple of years now in the grocery stores. Quaker grits just aren't the same! Addie

  2. LOVE the exchange pieces , both are super! What a great looking breakfast. I was just thinking the other day about how long it's been since I have had grits. I'll have to make some up this weekend. The beach pictures are great. I'm glad that you got to spend some time with your mom . Mom's are the best aren't they? I'm glad that Rico is on the mend. I'm laughing at my word verification today, it's ducknog. Would that be what duck hunters drink ? LOL

  3. Sounds like a lovely vacation ... and what a grand son to help out at the Museum Guild booth! My two adult sons probably would have done so too but I would have heard about it for decades afterward. Both exchange pieces, received and sent are lovely ... I couldn't tell from the photo: did Ina make the tops of the acorns out of glove weight leather? I have some old leather gloves [rip in the ring finger] that I was thinking of re-using in just such a way.

  4. It sounds like you had a busy yet wonderful visit in Fl. Love your exchange! Both the given and the received. They are both beautifully finished.

    Now that I am staving after seeing that yummy breakfast (and here it is hours until lunch!) I'll just go gnaw on a pencil or something. Oh and sorry but you can keep the grits. :)


    Glad to hear that Rico is doing better.

  5. Sounds like you had a great vacation! I haven't been to Florida since 1998 and I'd love to go back again. Fabulous exchanges that you both sent and rec'd :)

  6. Glad you had a good visit with your mother, Edgar. My husband also has a long-standing love affair going on with Waffle House. We take a trip to PA once a year and we must stop and pay our respects to the almighty WH. I practically have to drag him out of there and he always has a goofy smile on his face!

  7. Glad to see you back having spent a great time!Didn't you buy any books?I would have collected some sea glass on that low tide!Ariadne from Greece!

  8. I love the photos from your trip. The beach photos are especially wonderful when you are looking at them from far north!

    The exchange pieces are just gorgeous!

  9. Lovely exchange pieces Edgar. The sea looks wonderful. x

  10. Beautiful exchanges! Sounds like you had a nice vacation. I love the beach pics!

  11. I love the piece you stitched - a bonnie little stitch. Thanks for the visit to Florida, I enjoyed it.

  12. Your exchange pieces are great! I love the fall themes and colors. Thanks for the mini-travelogue of your trip. Armchair travel is so fun.

  13. Wow, both stitched pieces for the fall exchange are wonderful! The little acorns are too cute too.

    Sounds like a wonderful trip to FL. Beach pictures are lovely. Glad to hear Rico is on the mend.

  14. Good to hear the Rico is almost free and clear!

    Love the exchange pieces both received and given!!

    Thanks for sharing your pics of FL - and for some reason, now I am hungry for breakfast!

  15. Glad you are back safe. Your photos from the beach are beautiful. I read your blog each day and love your pictures. Great exchange pieces. Love grits!

  16. Happy to hear you had a good visit! I love the beach pictures!! It's my favorite place! Your stitched exchange piece was lovely, had to enlarge it to see it better! Oh, and I also Love Waffle House! Tho when I go (there is one about 10 minutes away!) I always get cheese eggs and raisin bread! Yummy!

  17. The Autumn gifts - both given and received - are just beautiful! I LOVE WAFFLE HOUSE! The beach pictures are so peaceful, even at this cool time of year. Well, I guess it isn't that cool in Florida!

  18. Nice post! I love your exchange items. Your trip sounds like it was wonderful.

  19. Any time you need Dixie Lily products let me know, anyone!!

    Glad you are home and that you had a wonderful time with your Mom.

    Love your pictures - WH - really!!! the beaches look good - I miss that now that I am away from the Florida coast.

  20. Ahhhh...I haven't had a Pecan Waffle from WH in years. I think I'm going to have to find one soon!

    Though I've lived in Florida for years, I almost get run out of town when I eat grits. I add sugar to them and you know how that is just not done.

    Both exchange pieces are lovely. Your mystery fabric really works!

  21. Great vacation pictures, Edgar!

    I have a silly question - I read your blog on and off, but have yet to figure out what GR&DF means. (Is DF Dear Friend?)

  22. I took my son to WH last Feb when we were visiting with my Mom (she winters one month or so in the panhandle). My husband LOVES WH, it's not my fav - my son loved it! Great beach photos. Love your stitch snaps!


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