Thursday, November 18, 2010

Only 1 More Day to Wait

GR&DF the weather has turned very cool here in the city. From last weekends balmy upper 70's to today's low 50's we are back on track for winter. Tomorrow we are supposed to have some thunderstorms with lots of rain - staying in with lots of stitching and getting numb butt sounds like a plan!!!

As you may recall or not I am a total nut case for the Harry Potter books - I have been ever since I picked the first one up in London a few years back - and the movies are very entertaining - some better than others but overall pretty good. Tomorrow we a given the gift of Part 1 Final Chapter - Deathly Hallows and with previews like....... looks like the final two films will be winners and wrap the whole thing up very nicely!!

I am stitching away on an exchange so no snaps of that piece. I am also working on two other pieces, but have no snaps of either of them... and.. I had to order a piece of linen and some floss for a Christmas piece I wanted to stitch - I will get some snaps of that after I start. I have seen a few others out there stitching it up and just fell for how cute it is!

I also wanted to mention that Target is now carrying...

I couldn't believe it when I saw then there on the shelf. They are made and imported from Australia and taste great!! If you haven't tried them you are missing a delicious experience!!

Keeping it short today sports fans. Thanks for stopping by and for you kind comments!!

Take care,


  1. I think I remember seeing Tim Tam some time ago. I have never had it though. My son is a total Harry Potter nutcase too! Hope you have fun at the movies!

  2. I can't wait for Harry Potter either! I have my midnight tickets ready to go! :-)

  3. The Tim Tams are very similar (may be the same) as the "Penguin" biscuits from the UK. I loved them individually wrapped in silver foil. Zehrs in Canada carries the Tim Tams and when we first tried them we couldn't believe we had hauled six packs of six Penguins from UK when the same thing was avaialbe in our local market. Our kids love them and they are treat with a wee cup o tea on a rainy afternoon. Had I known I would have sent you a case of them Edgar!! Enjoy every bite.

  4. Tim Tam oh yum I will look in Target tomorrow,
    thank-you for the heads-up on this great treat.
    Harry Potter what else can I say what a super great series to see.

  5. I also enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies. In fact, my brother and I have made it a ritual to go see these movies together. I'm just waiting for him to return from a work trip, so hopefully we will get to see it sometime this weekend.

  6. Although I like chocolate TimTams, I am over the moon abut Mint Crunch ones. I bought some in the Melbourne airport before leaving (having eaten a few during our stay). There are only a few left (sigh). The Australians have the best biscuits (cookies).

  7. Hi Edgar, was suppose to go to the midnight show tonight for HP, but both DD and I came down with the flu, so we will go hopefully on Sunday. Boo HOO!!! Looking forward to seeing this flick.

  8. I will see if my GF wants to go and see HP movie next weekend after the crowds have died down.
    I am sorry to say that I take Tim Tams for granted as I live in Australia LOL

  9. Hello Edgar - Funny thing - I was sitting here reading your blog and eating Double Coated Tim Tams when up popped your picture of them. Really amazing cookies. I get a couple of packages of them to enjoy evertime I travel to Oz on business (which has been 5 times this past year). I really enjoy your blog. Unfortunately I have not updated mine since September but have continued to work on Jane Atkinson. Really good to see another male sticher out there. Best regards - Robert

  10. My boys have become total Harry Heads too lately. Jake was even Harry for the nines, glasses, lightening bolt scar, tie, Hogwarts wizards the tune of ($125)...yeah, Dad was a little...dazed :)
    They are nearly slobbering over wanting to see the movie, I told them we'd see it, just not wait in line for 6 hours to see it! LOL!

    Katie spied the TimTams the last time we were in Target and had slapped 4 packages in our cart before I could say anything. When I said, "Four" she said..."We have a big family! They'll be gone in one day." She was right....sadly. :)

  11. ALready got those HP tickets and am raring to go!! Have watched all 6 this week to get back in the know...

    Never heard of Tim Tam, will have to give that a go as well...


  12. Oh-no, the rest of the world knows about Tim Tams!
    If you really want a chocolate overload, bite off the opposite corners of a Tim Tam, dip about half the biscuit into a hot chocolate, and then eat the biscuit really quickly - the combination of Tim Tam and hot chocolate is REALLY yummy! (that is an Aussie tradition I learnt at Brownies!)

  13. I am trying to coordinate with my sister as to what day is best to take my nephew to see Harry Potter--if she doesn't make up her mind, I may go without him!!!


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