Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Commenting and a Few Days Off

GR&DF thank you so much for your kind words about my sampler progress. It is a super piece and is working up pretty fast.

There where a couple of comments I wanted to answer -

Erica - I know what you mean about the wreath getting to big - even at 36 ct it is going to be about 14 or so inches across. I am not sure about the finish right now, but I am leaning towards an actual wreath to hang.

Margaret - the Christmas Cactus that I replaced bloomed tons and tons and all the time. I guess my continual neglect did it some good, it seemed that it was always either in bloom or just about to bloom. I do hope that this one follows that pattern as the blooms are really pretty.

Sandy, in my very humble opinion about silk stitching: I love the feel of the stuff and the look of the finished pieces. Don't get me wrong I love me some over dyed cottons, and have a ton of them and the way a piece looks when you use them - however, its the silk that really melts my butter. I have never had a problem with silk "melting" under the iron. I iron everything I stitch (not a very hot iron, but a warmish iron all the same) I also have a little steam flow to get out the wrinkles in the linen. I know that I run the risk of the colours "bleeding" but a little steam is what it takes sometimes. Since silk is a natural product and not synthetic I see no problem with a light iron across the needlework - and from behind. I would never place an iron directly on top of anything I stitched.

Last but certainly not least a question from Denise - yes, my sister and her family drive down Washington. It does take them all day, but the drive is lovely and pretty quick. They will usually see some snow in the mountains and that is always lovely.

I just wanted to wish everyone a great few days off and a wonderful Thanks giving!!!

There you go sports fans, thank you all for stopping by!! Do come again!!

Take care,


  1. I agree with you about the ironing, Edgar--I just lay a towel down to prevent crushing the stitches and iron with as much heat as I think it'll stand. :)

    As for the "steam" I have a really fine mist bottle (It came in an electric clipper kit; I keep it full of distilled water and use it on my face daily to extend moisturizer and also when I'cutting Marc's hair! lol!), so I use that to liberally mist both sides of the piece while the iron is warming. I usually shake the piece around to "work" the moisture though.

    I perform this strange rain dance 'cause I think it does a good job of getting the warp and weft of the linen to cinch up a bit and the stitches to puff nicely. :D

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday. We're making turkey with friends, and I'll make the homemade cranberries...but I am sorely tempted to pick up the sides from Whole Foods. (we only need enough for about 6.) Wonder if it's too late... ;)

  2. Thank you, Edgar! My old Christmas cactus used to bloom a couple of times a year, but never in such profusion. I guess I need to learn your secrets! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!!

    (Thank goodness I was on my toes, I almost wished you a "lonely" Thanksgiving!) Ooops!!! LOL

  4. Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. And a wonderful Thanksgiving to you, Rico and the who-hounds.

    Love and stitches

    Rory and Rosie too!

  6. Thanks Edgar, and Happy Thanksgiving to you~

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!!


  8. Hi! i am a french cross-stitcher; i visit your blog very often, but it's the firts time i write to you !
    i am actually not so far from you because i am at my daughter and sun in law's house: they live at Dixon!
    i wih you avery happy Thanks givings with your family and your friends!
    And congratulations for the beautiful Sampler with silk !!

  9. Edgar, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    How did you like Harry Potter?

  10. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Edgar. I can just imagine all the good food you fixed up! I am still drooling over the white cranberry bark you sent last year. I can't wait to see what you have planned to stitch in 2011.

  11. Glad you like the Thanksgiving graphic from my Lucky Palm site! I also run a stitchy site with free embroidery transfer patterns with a few in cross stitch.



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