Friday, November 19, 2010

Wrapping up the Week

GR&DF once again we have arrived at the end of the week - and can look forward to two glorious days of blissful laziness. That would be the case at our house if I didn't have my family coming in from Washington for Thanksgiving. I think there will a really full table at my house on Thursday with family, friends and the hounds. I love having everyone over and a big group is just the ticket for a great Holiday!!! We will finish up the cleaning and polishing and get started on the dinner prep this weekend so that there will not be a giant crush at the last minute.

It will be a total stay in couple of days as the rains are to start up today around 4pm - after I get home thankfully!! I hate it like nobodies business when I am out in the rain and on public transportation - it just bites!! Coming into work this morning there was lots of misty something falling - not fog/not rain/not pigeons - but something damp was upon my baldness!!

Last night I finished up my HOE Ornament Exchange - no snaps yet. So that goes out in this mornings mail. It has a long way to go so I wanted to get it into the mail a little earlier so that it could arrive by Christmas. I think it is totally cute and hope my partner likes what I have sent.

I think that about does it for today - have a great weekend!! Do come again!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar, I have been reading your blog for sometime and I remember that your family comes in from Vancouver for Thanksgiving. I was just wondering, do they drive to SF? It would be a lovely drive, I'm sure.
    Wishing you all a lovely, unrainy holiday! Take lots of photos for us to enjoy!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving I hope you have a wonderful time with your family I can tell that the food will be great I follow your food blog and am in awa of the woderful looking picts of all your food goodies.

  3. I haven't made any big Thanksgiving plans; I'm mostly trying to forgive myself for not studying this month like I wanted to--but this weekend I'm going to ENJOY stitching the companion to PS November which I JUST started this afternoon. You'd better believe I started with the Fox! :D

    Thanks again for that piece, Edgar! I so love it and am really happy you inspired me to do the Windows Winking companion! :D

  4. Sound like a fun filled Thanksgiving at your house. Have a good one.

  5. Have an enjoyable weekend Edgar!

    Sounds like you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy doing all your preparations.

  6. Edgar, I hope you and your family have a very festive and peaceful Thanksgiving - sounds like it will be lovely -

    We're having take-out from Whole Foods, the vegan offering!



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