Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back on the 10th

GR&DF this will be a final post for a bit - as today is my last day here in SF - I am going to visit my Mom in Florida. The Super Shuttle is picking me up at tomorrow morning at about 3:30 am to catch my ungodly early flight at 5:45am. Flying West to East is always like that - leave early arrive late. It should be a nice visit - the weather is warmer than usual for this time of year and the Halifax Art Festival is this weekend. My Mom has been involved with the Festival for about 20+ years - and I have been told that I have been signed up to "help" during the Festival - Woo-Hoo lucky me!!

Marchann mentioned the linen colour of my Shores piece - it is the recommended colour - but the snap in yesterday post is a bit more yellow than the actual piece. I am really happy with the linen colour and now so very happy I went with the recommendation. Christine mentioned square 3 and how it looks like the mermaid is buried in the ground - how funny is that!! I totally agree - and found myself laughing out loud at the comment!!!! regarding the film I do not think you will be disappointed in "Agora" - by using Netflix I have found many flicks that I have never heard of and really liked. I do not think I would have ever seen "Agora" if it hadn't been for Netflix. I don't think it was ever released in the US - it was a Netflix recommendation... I do like how they have recommendations of films. I think my Queue is at about 370 or so films waiting to be seen, many from the site recommending different films and I always say "There is always something to see."

Jane asked my opinion about a stitching frame - I really don't have one - I don't use a stand frame to stitch on. In the past I have used different hoops and scroll bars, but for the longest time I have only been using Q-snaps. Since I can only use a single snap I only have the 8 inch size and I just move it around as I stitch. I have thought about getting another size, but the 8 inch works for me. I thought about a standing frame, but just couldn't justify spending the money on something that might not work for me - I am sorry to be of no real help - lots of stitchers use frames - I would guess there are lots of opinions about out there about stitching frames.... anyone want to share what is good and bad about a stitching frame????? If you use a frame what kind is it?? What would your change about it??

Last night the flicker was one I have had on my Netflix queue for a very long time. Sometimes a title is out and the wait to see it can be long - the film I have been waiting to see was "David Copperfield" - 1999 - starring - Emilia Fox, Daniel Radcliffe, Maggie Smith, Zoe Wanamaker, Ian McKellen, Bob Hoskins and Ciaran McMenamin. This was another top notch BBC production that was just about perfect. Great casting, sets and costumes. I love me some Dickens - and if you've not seen this version you should as it is a two part treat!!

There you go sports fans - thank you again for stopping by for a few moments. I'll be back in a about a week.

Take care,


  1. Hope you have a safe trip!


  2. Have a great time!Ariadne from Greece!

  3. Have a wonderful trip, Edgar! (I do want to see that David Copperfield. Haven't yet.)

  4. David Copperfield...it's on my list Edgar with the figgy pudding. Have a safe trip and a great visit with your Mum but we will miss ya! Hope the weather stays warm as a bonus!

  5. Have a safe trip Edgar!!
    The weather down here is gorgeous although we are expecting showers the next couple of days, it is suppose to get cooler by the weekend....in the 70's. We haven't had rain here the entire month of October so it is welcomed!
    Too bad you will be on the other side of the state from me. It would be a blast to meet you :)

    Looking forward to seeing all the pics you take on your trip!

    Enjoy yourself!

  6. Have a wonderful trip and visit. We will miss your posts and look forward to a nice long read when you return.

  7. Have an awesome trip!

    I've also been curious about your take on stands; Personally I feel about the same way as you--not ready to spend on something that may not suit.

    I have a set of 5" and 11" (I think) q-snaps and I just mix and match, making a rectangle if needed. I also just ordered a set of 8", so we shall see~

    Somehow I can't bring myself to cinch the qsnap over my stitching however--somehow my mind just doesn't believe it'll pop up again even with ironing! lol!

    We recently joined Netflix as I wanted Marc to see Meet Me in St. Louis (which I don't own and I WAS NOT going to the video store to rent). I've otherwise I've been browsing around on their streaming content using our PS3 and am having a decent time--though I don't know if we'll keep it. I might be the only person I know who "doesn't like movies". Oh, I love some of them, but overall I find them to be disappointing and can't keep focused for the whole thing as it's just long. Now, half hour (22 min) and Hour (40-something min) tv I can watch all day...provided it's dvd or the commercials are somehow taken out. Yup, weird, I know.

  8. I have used almost every type of hoop except a stand. I tried expensive round wooden ones, bright colored plastic, and square snaps.

    My favorite of course is the type I have the hardest time acquiring -- it is a brown oval that I got at the local Michael's. The bottom is hard plastic and the top part is a soft and pliable. It is easy to use and it tightens the fabric the best. Now I just have to get them to stock some more.

    The best hoop I ever used is the one handed down by grandma, and which she used herself. I would like to think it is an old European antique, but is probably something she got at the dime store in the 1930s. Doesn't really matter because it is the one she taught me with, and it will always be special. I was afraid that I would break it, so now I have it my china cabinet.

  9. Odd you would bring up stand since I just got a Needlework System 4 stand on Saturday. I have been investigating stands for about six months. But as my peripheral neuropathy (numbness in hand and toes from chemo) becomes more pronounced it has become more difficult to HOLD the Q-snap (or stretcher bars) and stitch, too. I got the frame system and three different heads for Q-snaps, stretcher bars and a very large scroll frame (for my Chatelaine which is now on huge, but still too small ) Q-snaps. I have only tried the Q-snaps holder so far on a 8" x 8" Q-snaps. It fits perfectly, holds well, and turn over easily. I think I will even stitch faster using both hands now. There is still some adjustments to be made though. I am sitting up a little too much to reach the fabric. I need to play around with all the adjustments on the frame to get it in the perfect alignment. But it will be done since there are so many different way to adjust it. It's sturdy, light weight and folds for traveling. I am glad I bought it, especially when I start working on bigger pieces.

  10. Travel Safe, Edgar, now you will be in my time zone. Have a good time!

  11. Have a safe and wonderful trip :)

  12. Enjoy your vacation - we will miss you Edgar!

  13. Have wonderful time and safe travel! We'll be awaiting your vacation stories.

  14. Hope your trip is fabulous! I have missed reading your blog the last couple weeks and am catching up. As always, a pleasure to share some time with you - if only separated by when you post, I read...LOL! Looking forward to hearing about your visit upon your return!

  15. I know you are not back yet but I wanted to tell you that I watched 84 Charing Cross Road today after looking for it all this time.It was fantastic!Thank you so much for recommending it.Ariadne from Greece!

  16. Welcome home, as you are due back soon...I just finished (started yesterday) catching up with your blog - hope Rico is doing much better and that your vacation with your mom was super!!


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