Tuesday, March 30, 2010

S.A.B.L.E. my Favorite "FUR"

GR&DF thank you so much for your kind comments about my Dad's sampler. It is a super piece and well worth the time to stitch it up. When I look at older samplers and read the lines stitched I often wonder about the stitcher and what they where thinking or why they where stitching that particular verse or the words. I so enjoy family samplers or pieces meant to be given away - or should I just say I love samplers!!

Last night I was working on an upcoming exchange piece. In addition to stitching I was stash diving as I have shifted my whole brain and thoughts about my next piece - Alpha Birds Sampler by Sheepish Designs. I had originally thought when I first got all bothered about stitching this piece, that I wanted to shift the floss to Belle Soie. At that time I pulled the DMC conversion to see the colours that where recommended. I liked the BS choices but I not very excited. So last night I hauled out all the WDW, CC and GAST I have and started to rethink the floss for the piece. I ended up pulling GAST and CC floss and am very happy with my colour choices. Now I need to decide on the linen. I am sure this will be a start on my upcoming vacation. I am determined to finish my exchange piece first!! As you know I really love BS, and I think it was that the colours just weren't hitting me just right for this piece - it is also charted for NPI - but NPI is not a favorite of mine and I would much rather stitch using an over dyed floss and be happy with the colours. Talking about upcoming projects - over the weekend we ran to Joanne's and I got all the different DMC's - so that I can see the colours for the next project on my list after the Alpha piece - the Mary Beale Sampler Wreath - this will be a great piece!! It always amazes me that with all the DMC bobbins I already have that I always seem to need so many more!!

Since I am talking about samplers.... yesterday I got two packets in the mail of some charts I got from eBay and a stitcher who was de-stashing - hence the title.... here is snap of what came...

two OOP Sheepish Designs, two OOP Chester County charts and a Mary Beale card of ornaments also OOP - These OOP are just killing me at how unavailable everything I want is turning out to be!!!!!

I don't know if you have read or heard, but Kathy Barrick will be closing the doors over at Carriage House Samplings. A very sad announcement but I am sure she will go on to bigger and better things. She will slowly close out with continuing to sell to shops and distributors until July 1, 2010, then will sell the remaining stock at her etsy shop until December 31, 2010 and close permanently on January 1, 2011. This means that if there is any chart you are wanting to get you better get it before they also turn OOP.

I wanted to leave you today with a snap from the top of our hill where we walk the who-hounds...

This is looking east out over the Mission and towards the Oakland hills - our hill is covered at the moment with these lovely yellow flowered bush/trees.

There you go sport's fans!! Thank you again for your comments and for stopping by! Do come again!!

Take care,


  1. Love the blog Edgar. How did you ever take the picture at the top of the blog? Are all of those pieces you stitched. I love the picture

  2. I love reading your blog about stitching samplers, and a silly question just popped into my head. Maybe you could give your opinion and ask others who read your wonderful blog... When stitching a reproduction design of a sampler, would it be appropriate to put your own name and current date on the front of the sampler rather than the original name of the girl who made it years ago? I once asked my LNS owners (who also teaches) and she said, "Of course you can, you stitched it."

    So I've made many samplers with my name/date stitched on the front. But, lately I've become sensitive to this and would like other people's opinions. Thanks Edgar for letting me ask. Addie

  3. Yeah, I was sorry to read about CHS. I think I'm going to have to get at least those 2 silly Freddy-birds! (Frederick and Frederika) And then there's Shores...And Alphablocks! And...well, you get the idea. Right now, I only own "Hearts and Flowers".

    Interesting news that you don't care for NPI much. I've only tried it a bit--my LNS sells it by the strand.

  4. As soon as I read about Kathy leaving us, I pulled my stash to see what designs I still need to get! I can't wait to see what you start next. The new stash is wonderful. I love the Pear Orchard design. I agree about loving samplers. My dream since I began cross stitch was to have a home full of samplers covering every wall.

  5. Have to come out of lurkdom long enough to say that your post title made me laugh coffee out my nose. ;)

  6. Hi Edgar,

    Your stitching is beautiful, Yes I can totally relate to making my mind up about a design, locating all the fibers and then changing my mind. Yes seems more and more of designs/designers I enjoy are getting harder and harder to find. I am having a case of the blues with Carriage House announcement.


  7. Oh gosh, OOP charts! I love collecting them. lol! Good SABLE there! And your view when you walk your dogs -- wow! What a view! You live in a gorgeous area!

  8. Great blog post title!

    Interestng that your new stash includes "Pear Orchard Farm" by Sheepish Designs...one of my favorite of Kathy's CHS designs is also "Pear Orchard Farm"

    Lovely view for walks with the who-hounds :)


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