Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Warm Weather Treats

GR&DF thank you for your kind words about Rico's floral endeavours. Being able to pick out and put together a bunch of flowers is something I have never been able to achieve and he accomplishes this with such ease. We are very lucky to have access to the Flower market. Especially since they will allow the public in to buy. Some flower markets require you to have a buying badge to be able to buy, but this one doesn't. I do know you get a discount with a badge and it has it tax breaks - but the badges are meant for flower retailers and decorators. I think the Flower market is especially nice in the fall leading up to Christmas - there are just piles and piles of beautiful winter flowers, plants and greenery.

It has gotten very warm here in San Francisco and so with warm weather we get to have local treats!! Which include the lovely flowering things around town. For the past few days we have passed these on the way home and I have wanted to stop and get a few snaps.... well yesterday I did.... and here a couple of pretty pictures -

They are short and stumpy little trees - but just a profusion of gorgeous spring flowers.... They are also a buzz with little honey bees a buzzing and working each flower. I stood up in the middle of the branches and tried to get a snap of a bee - but what I got was....

a pretty picture from inside the floral mass - there is a sweetish smell - not very strong, but very pleasant when you get close to these trees. A really wonderful harbinger of spring!!

We stopped to get tree pictures after making a stop at a local tradition we enjoy -

Mitchell's Ice Cream - since it was warmish we got in the mood for some of this creamy deliciousness!!! I even got a snap of one of the cases where the already packed flavours are...

We ended up getting -

It is/was simply delicious!! All creamy and butterscotchy!! We don't stop too often but when we do it is always delicious!!

The stitching last night was on both and exchange and on the Memorial sampler - I do thank you for your kind words about the way this sampler is coming along. I was just realizing last night that the 7th anniversary of my fathers passing is this Saturday - so I am going to try and finish it on Saturday - it might just happen!!

The flicker last night was a precode Depression Era downer - "Faithless" - 1932 - starring Tallulah Bankhead , Robert Montgomery and Hugh Herbert. In "Faithless" she plays an enormously rich girl that has no idea that she is draining her bank accounts with her outrageous spending - so she of course she goes broke while all the time running to and from Robert Montgomery. After having to sell everything and being totally broke and homeless she becomes the mistress of a man with money but not of her class. Eventually she ends up back with Robert Montgomery - but things go sour and she has to "Hit the streets" to get some money - this was pretty racy for 32 and was trying to show to just what lengths one will go to for one they love. This seemed like a Warner Brothers gritty film of the the time but was made over at MGM. After this film did not do very well Tallulah went back to NY and the stage where she was enormously popular. She did not return to Hollywood until 1944 when she played in Alfred Hitchcock's "Lifeboat" a really wonderful film!! If you like gritty period pieces this might be a film you would enjoy. It was very nice to see a young Tallulah but she was not very believable in the role - Constance Bennett or Kay Francis would have been much better - but hey, the picked Tallulah.

I got a bit of stash in the mail yesterday - I have been shopping on eBay -

Just some nice older sampler charts - I was running low :) dont'cha know!! and I even picked up a great chart of the Ponce Inlet Light House. This lighthouse is in Daytona Beach and I have never seen a chart of it. I am thinking this would be nice for my mom for Christmas - its never to early to get a jump on Christmas stitching!!

There you go sports fans. Thanks for stopping by and for taking a few moments to leave a comment - I do appreciate them!!

Do stop by again!

Take care,


  1. Just love this post! The trees are gorgeous! It actually warmed up enough here that we had to go get ice cream as well. That Mitchell's looks heavenly!

  2. Beautiful blossoming trees, ice cream,'s like heaven!

  3. I am so jealous of your beautiful spring weather and the gorgeous flowering trees. You are lucky to have that warm weather. It is in the 40's here in Western NY. But the sun is shining so I really shouldn't complain.

  4. Oh my gosh! Bloomin' trees, ice cream and stash!! What a heavenly day!

  5. Great Pictures !!! You have some much more stitched on your Memorial Sampler than I do. Yours looks Great !!!

  6. Beautiful trees. Thanks for the dose of spring. It is blustery here in New England today....Nancy

  7. Beautiful spring days and yummy ice cream - what more could you ask for! Enjoy your new stash!

  8. What gorgeous trees and great stash! I ordered "Honeysuckle Manor" the other day and can't wait for it to get here!! I also need to take some pictures of the dogwoods(? I think that's what they are) - blossoming around here.

  9. Oh wow! What beautiful trees! You're braver than I would be -- trying to get a snap of a bee! lol! And ice cream - yum! I think I'd be in big trouble if I lived in SF -- I'd be out every day toddling around, savoring the local flavors and getting fat. :D

    I just saw a piece on the CBS morning show about Valerie Harper playing Tallulah Bankhead on Broadway. I need to see some of her movies -- I'm curious about her now. I've always known the name but never anything about the actress herself. You're always such a great source for film history!

  10. Those are some gorgeous trees! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful adventures! :D

  11. Can you really have been running low on samplers, lol!? I find it hard to believe! But, then again, you DID recently have a stash clear-out, now that I think on it! ;) That ice cream looks so good. The ice cream at the grocery isn't any good these days--they started whipping more air into it in the last 5 or so years, and I think that makes the "fake" ingredients and additives more prominent! It's such a disappointment when I "forget" about every 6 months and buy some. Oklahoma has a great ice cream chain in Braum's Ice Cream, and so far I can't find anything in Jersey to touch it. Can ice cream be the only food that NJ has no "winning" offering for? :)

    You really seem to be closing in on M. Sampler; I think you can meet your goal! :D

  12. As always, I enjoy your beautiful photography, commentary and of course, your fabulous stitching. The ice cream looks yummy, and I believe that the trees are flowering crab apples. They are among the early bloomers in the St. Louis area, but I haven't seen any as yet. Our weather can't decide if it really is spring or not.

  13. We are having a profusion of flowering trees here, it sure is helping with the spring fever.

    The ice cream sounds yummy.

  14. wow, those trees are lovely!

    Great new stash.

  15. And to think I am reduced to pouring butterscotch Schnapps over vanilla ice have is so good Edgar!

  16. Mmmmm, Butterscotch're tempting me to have my husband stop on the way home and bring me some of that! When I'm in SF I always forget to go by Mitchell's because I have a one track mind for either Memphis Minnie's or Kara's Cupcakes. Maybe Friday I'll swing by. Take care and good luck finishing the memorial sampler on Sat!!

  17. I wished I had a flower market! Can I come live with y'all? I make a pretty mean pinapple upside down cake!
    I need to look on Ebay again myself, haven't bought anything in awhile from them. Good luck on the Jenny Bean sampler from the shop! Hey, if you don't win, I can at least send you the pattern if you want!
    Hugs Edgar!

  18. The blossoming trees are so pretty and the ice cream - YUM! Great new stash - I'd hate for you to run low, Edgar....

  19. I love all that you have been up to this past week. The Easter basket is lovely! She is so lucky! I love Longaberger baskets, and your Easter exchange gift is perfect! Is the pin keep attached? I would attach it for sure. It looks great on the basket.
    I love the flower arrangement's. Not easy to do, at all. There is a talent involved! Beautiful job to Rico.
    Love all the snaps of spring in San Fran. I can't wait to see blooms on the trees.
    Take Care!

  20. Here in Memphis, all the Bradford pears and wild cherry trees are in bloom. They look like fluffy marshmallow cream! Butterscotch marble ice cream must be wonderful! I have been to the Ponce Inlet lighthouse, but it was just a quick hit and run stop. We didn't go inside, but the outside was impressive. I did get to go up in the lighthouse at St. Augustine. That was a fun visit and a great view!


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