Friday, March 19, 2010

A Friday Post

GR&DF welcome back to BSS for a Friday round up!! First let me say Howdy to all the new readers of the Blog AND Welcome to the new followers - I hope you enjoy reading my scribblings and blathering - that on many occasions go off in all sorts of different directions!!

I talked to my sister last night - and all she had to say about that scrumptious chili-cheese dog photo - was it looked like a heart attack on a bun - ahhhh yes, but so delicious!! I often will toggle back and forth between chili and cole slaw on a hot dog!! and I love me some cole slaw - especially on a BBQ sandwich you just can't beat it!! Can you tell I am about the food this morning. For some reason I am really ready for lunch already - and all I brought was some shrimp fried rice leftovers - and some fruit and a couple of cookies - not the best lunch and I am afraid I will be starving even after that meager repast.

Not too much going on at all - no stitchy snaps and it was a Western evening on TCM - I did catch "My Darling Clementine" -1946 - starring Henry Fonda, Victor Mature, Linda Darnell and Walter Brennan. Now, you know I am not a fan of the Western Film genre - but there are a few of them that I really like and this is one of them - a true classic piece of celluloid with top notch direction by John Ford. Beautifully shot -with great panoramic exteriors and intimately lit interiors. Highly recommended - you should make the effort!!

The last few days we have been getting the house ready for a cocktail party tomorrow night - and you wouldn't think it would be that much trouble..... just getting the regular stuff that sits around all the time put up and out of sight is not much fun. We made a trip to Bev-Mo for the liquor on the way home yesterday. Tonight is the trip to CostCo for the eats/snacks. Sunday will be a clean up day and after that I am gonna sit around like a tired lump -

Here's hoping you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by and as always I do thank you for your kind comments!!

Take care,


  1. Sounds fun! Have a wonderful time with friends!!

  2. Thank you for the welcome as a new follower. I've been looking at your wonderful stitching and amazing stash. I've also enjoyed reading about the old films, as a child in the UK they used to show all of these types of films on a Saturday afternoon which I absolutely loved to watch.

  3. OMG, what would life be without the chili and coleslaw, and don't even get me started on BBQ kids use it like ketchup, it should be it's own food group! LOL

    Your cocktail party sounds awesome, what lucky friends you have. I think the art of the cocktail party has been lost to our generation, but Thank you for helping to bring it back! Salut :)

    Have a wonderful weekend

  4. Well, and of course a native Southerner is always known by the slaw on his barbecue. Question is: vinegary (NC) barbecue or sweet (TX) barbecue at your house? Dry rub or wet? I lived in the foothills of NC and then later in Eastern TN, so I developed a passion for the vinegar. With the slaw, of course. And a Mountain Dew (more caffeine in that than in a co-cola). I loved the picture of that dog, and now I want one just like it!

  5. Wow, a cocktail fun does that sound. Have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it next week!!! Maybe some pics, also??? :)

  6. Pictures from party!! Especially the food!!!! Down South we drench a hot dog in pickle relish, onions,sauerkraut and all the condiments. Never thought of coleslaw. Good idea.

  7. You just *had* to talk about bbq and coleslaw! There's a passable place in the City called "Rub", and now I'm totally hankering to go there. Best bbq I've had though is in Texas or Small-Town Oklahoma. I think the place was called pig-out palace! And it had pigs of all kinds everywhere. You know the food's amazing if it compares the patrons to pigs and yet still they mob it!

    I think the best bbq sauce is "Head Country". Too bad they don't sell it here. KC Masterpiece (blech; inedible!) reigns unchallenged here. Man, could I go for a pulled-pork sandwich! And a pile of half-sour pickles! And coleslaw, of course! Can you tell I haven't eaten lunch (or breakfast for that matter;) yet?

    Regarding Yesterday's "We're in the Money". I do certainly know that song, but I never saw the performance. Those ladies sure are wearing precious little else! :o
    A fun link.

    Good luck with this weekend's party; sounds like you'll have a good time wearing yourselves out--or your guests will at any rate!

  8. Now I am hungry too!

    Have fun with your party - be sure to take lots of pics to share!

  9. Yes, your photo sent me to the Sonic on the way home yesterday - but I prefer chili, onion, AND slaw. Maybe a southern thing, but it's delish! And close to a cherry/lemon/sundrop is their cherry limeaid - pretty good.
    Hope your party rocks!

  10. I frankly don't see what's wrong with the chili dog, it looks good to me. Know what you mean about the coleslaw - love it on the barbeque for sure!
    Well, party hardy since you don't have to drive-those that have to drive be careful or sleep over and remember you can be arrested for drunk walking!
    Happy Spring!

  11. Have fun at your par-tay!!! And that hot dog looked scrumptious!! You know its cousin is the good old "Carolina burger"!!~~ yummo..

  12. Have a great party!Enjoy yourselves!Ariadne from Greece!

  13. Have fun at your cocktail party and enjoy your weekend.

  14. When I saw and heard a bit of Clemmentine it brought back memories. I used to sing this to my baby girl. She wasn't a good sleeper right from the day she was born and I walked the floor every night and it was My Darlin' Clemmentine she responded to (not my voice). I loved the old movie too and the later one with Kurt Russel and Val Kilmer (I think). I alwasy read your blog but this is the first time I have commented. I must say you always inspire me to stitch, just by visiting your site. I live in Australia and not everything is as easy to get here. Have a lovely cocktail party - sounds so chic.