Thursday, January 10, 2008

Working on Miss Potter and Exchange mailings

I worked on Miss Potter last nigh and finished up another medallion, I call it the "skinny bird on a branch" medallion. It is way to skinny to be a chicken, it is probably a sparrow or some other small bird. Here is a story..... I have always been told that the first word the I ever said... that someone could actually call a word was "bird." Guess who I said it to and told me the story, that's right, my Granny. She was a wonder with Red Birds and her garden in Raleigh, NC was always full of them....not just Red Birds but all the different woodland birds.
There you go more background on the "Gangsta Stitcher"...yo!
Here is a snap of the latest medallion.

This weeks SBQ is:
"What was your favorite Finish for 2007?"

I would have to say that is was "Serenity." I think the reason is that part way through it I felt that I was not going to finish it and then I came up against that border, which I held off doing until the end. In the end I guess it was just the hump that I had to get over and it was lots of fun to stitch. Here is a snap...

I have "Forgiveness" kitted up and waiting and it will probably be the next start when I finish Miss Potter. I want to have them framed together so they can hang together.

I have mailed out both exchanges for the SBBE - "Winter House" & "Winter Quaker." They were lots of fun to do and I hope the recipients enjoy them.

Some comment comments.....

Hi Redwitch - I had not done any research about Hereford Cathedral.... now that you have brought it to my attention, it looks really doable and a must for my list. Thanks!!!

Hi Kathryn - How well you know me :) The Biennale was not on my list but of interest and when you travel in a pack you make compromises, while we were in Venice I did get in quite a few churches and the Doges Palace.

Hi Vonna - you bet I burned those suckers up - can you hear the sizzle!!! I give you full credit for the idea of a memorial sampler. I do admire your skill and your work, you have quality ideas!!!

Hi Donna - The RR is about 30% done and will be finished by the end of next week, have no worries, :) How did pizza day go?

Hi Carol R - I already had someone else ask for the BP chart, but have had no email back to see if she still wants it. If that falls through then of course you can have first refusal.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Serenity is such an awesome piece, and BP is almost finished woohoo ;)

  2. Ohhh...I've always wanted to know a gangsta' :)

    and again Thank you for your kind words, you are such a sweetie!

    Serenity is beautiful!!! I would have named it as my best stitch too if I were you!

    The skinny bird is looking great and there a nother great story!

  3. I remember seeing Serenity on the quaker bog. It's stunning! Can't wait to see Miss Potter.

  4. Thanks Edgar I wait with anticipation. Not long now before the finish and she is looking really beautiful (BP) and as for Serenity - wow - how gorgeous is that?

    I wish I could be called a 'skinny bird' but alas no :-(

    Check out my blog - after seeing your pooches in the mexican hat you might like to see Hector.

  5. Serenity is a fabulous finish and I can see why you picked it for your favorite in 2007.

  6. Serenity is just gorgeous, Edgar! I bet you ARE proud!! AS you should be :)
    BP is coming along fantastically!!

  7. Re: Hereford - you're welcome!

    Serenity rocks! BP too :)

  8. Serenity is lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog, and your comment!

  9. Graet progress with your skinny bird :)

    Serenity - wow, a favourite of mine (yet to stitch - one day?!), yours is stunning. Forgiveness will be a beautiful pairing for it.