Monday, January 7, 2008

Exchange finishes...and a 750th Anniversary

I got the three exchanges just about finished...or I should say two are completed and 1 needs that final touch to be finished. I stopped by Britex on Friday getting there through the pouring rain, what fun, but the upside was that the store was practically empty!!! Got all the finishing notions (I wonder if notions is the best word?) I will get both Winter House and Winter Quaker out in Thursdays post. I need to make a trip to Alameda to pick up a couple of nikkidy naks to fill out the packages!! I also can get me some stash at the same time!!! :)
I got a super Gift card from my sister and a super duper gift card from Rico to spend at
Needle in a Haystack, and they are just a-burning a hole in my pocket......
and as ever my lust-list never shortens for stuff to get!!!!

The only stitching I did this weekend was on Miss Potter and I forgot to snap a photo,
I will take one and post that tomorrow.

Now to shift gears........grind.....sputter.......

If you didn't know this is the 750 anniversary of the consecration of the completed Cathedral at Salisbury. Now, what is so important about this is that this beautiful building is at the top of my list of favorite spaces/spots on the planet!!!
(also in that list would have to be La Sainte-Chappelle in Paris)

I have been to Salisbury quite a few times and the plan is to get there this year to visit,
even if I have to swim! There that is my resolution for 2008!!!!
I think the last time I was there was 4 or 5 years ago.
So keep watch as I plan this trip as I will certainly babble on about the planning here.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


  1. LOL! I have to laugh about the gift card burning a hole in your pocket :) They darn near burned my pants off by time I got mine spent the other day! LOL!

    I can't wait to hear/see your plans for your trip....I was on my way to England in 1999, came up pregnant...not a problem...until I found out that I was carrying twins...oops a bit of a problem because by the time I would have gone I would have been 6 months gone on the pregnancy, so my doctor forbade and I settled calling one twin Ian in memory of my lost vacation :)

  2. I'd have to say that Salisbury Cathedral is one of my favorite places, also! I'd love to go back... Let us see what all you add to the stash!

  3. What an exciting and fun trip to plan!!! Can't wait to see what goodies make their way home with you :)

  4. Hi Edgar,
    Just started reading your blog after seeing your posts on the Quaker blog. Had to comment because I so infrequently hear of anyone who knows about Sainte Chapelle! I was an art history major in college, and was mesmerized by the images of the king's personal chapel. Whenever I hear someone say they're going to Paris, I always say "Go to Sainte Chapelle!" Someday, I'm going to go myself...

    Love your blog :)

  5. A visit to the UK in 2008? Does this mean a trip to Canterbury Cathedral and maybe a trip to Deal too?

  6. Ohhhh!! That Cathedral is gorgeous. I love seeing places like that.
    Have fun spending your gift cards ;)

  7. I'd love to visit myself! I love old churches, have fun spending your gift money!

  8. Have fun on your stash enhancing adventure. If I had one of those gift cards it would be burning a hole in my pocket too!

  9. Oh gosh, Edgar, I'm so jealous! A trip to England this year! :D I so want to make a return trip cuz there's so much of the island I have yet to see. So for this year I'll settle on seeing it through your trip.

    I see Vonna was planning just such a trip in '99, and that is the year my dsis and I actually got there. We toured London, Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands. We missed Salisbury and so many other wonderful cathedrals and sights. sigh. . .

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